Ever used a vibration massager?

In the UK, and probably many other places, there are various hand held vibration massage machines available. Has anyone ever used them and what do think?

I just ordered a Versapro machine made by Thumper Massagers. After I give it a test run for a few weeks, I’ll let you know what I think.

I read on the supertraining forum that vibration massage above a certain frequency can actually cause vasoconstriction.

Flash, or anyone, do you know the best frequency to use for muscle relaxation and increased blood flow?

I have a Thumper (I assume it’s the same) and it can help though, it is a giant step behind good manual therapy. Use it when therapy isn’t available, or before therapy starts. Varying the pulse rate and the intensity setting helps keep the body from anticipating the pulses and tightening up.

Richard, I really don’t know. I’ll have to experiment when I receive it and get back to you with what I found useful.

Charlie, yes it’s the same company, but this is a new model specifically designed for self use on the lower body. I wanted to get it precisely for days in between massage and to reduce my overall expenditure on massage.


Try this out for size

erchonia percussor

as for the thumber…that thing looks powerful!!

Originally posted by Richard Hand
In the UK, and probably many other places, there are various hand held vibration massage machines available.

I have used one on my thys, neck and ankles.
They relax your muslecs, and release the pain.

The versapro is pretty nice. I like it. It has settings that will automatically vary the speed and intensity. It does NOT replace massage (the effect is different) but it is definitely a nice way to fill the gap. You can hit all of the leg and lower back muscles in a bout 10 min (1-2 min per muscle groups is more than plenty), so it’s time efficient too. I think self myo-fascial release with a small ball or foam roller is still the most effective (and cheapest) alternative to massage, but it also takes up time just like massage and requires quite a bit of concentration and control, which you might not be up to at night after a long day. The thumper is a very nice alternative if you want a powerful effect and you’re short on time. But it’s pretty pricey.

Any updates on this?
Any annecdotes to share? I just bought one and have found it relaxing, will take some time to determine how it affects recovery etc though…