Erector spinae

I’m unsure how to work my ES, from CFTS I’m not very clear how it should be trained. Given it’s a support muscle I assume it should be trained along the same lines in which we train the abs, lots of reps with no weight. Should it be trained together with abs in a circuit? How often, is every day like abs fine? :confused: What proportion of abs to es reps do you guys do each day? Thanks for any answers/opinions.

no, it gets trained heavy with acc., deadlifts, power cleans, squats, etc…, higher reps when using hypers yes, but not in the hundreds to thousands like abs…hypers, reverse hypers, single leg versions were all used as well to develop them

I like pull-throughs. But they get worked plenty indirectly with GM’s and RDL’s.

I do lower back work like the rest of ab work. Maybe I’m wrong :confused:

They get worked in their support role during speed work, plyos and most lower body weight exercises.

I thought the reasoning for doing hundreds of reps for abdominal work was because some of the support muscles in that area are red fibres.

No, I’m pretty sure it was because for track athletes you don’t want extra CNS stress? Otherwise, I think it’s better do do heavier ab work.

It’s actually both of those reasons (red fibre and no extra stress)