equipment selection

Hey guys,

Need your opinion. I’ve got a squat cage and 300lbs worth of wieght. I wanted to get some other stuff. I have a very small budget (the price of a gym membership) Should I get a oly set w/300lbs of rubber plates OR a rev. hyper machine that doubles as a GHR machine? (BTW the rev hyper is an extra $100)



Jay, get the rev hyper/GH bench. If you have the barbell and plates why would you need more. Pick up some extra 45’s as you get stronger. How about dumbbell handles? Do you have a bench?

Love the Canadian weights you have now (in the avatar). They do the job and, between sessions, you can use them for your explosive med ball throws. Reminds me of the good old days!

Yup. In the Dominican republic I would use the rocks for explosive med ball throws. Not to mention hand made sprint harnesses tied to the tire full of rocks… :slight_smile:

Got a bench. I scored a set of oly plate DB handles for cheap. I guess I could improvise a little more and do my avitar some justice!

Jay, just checked out the avatar. Was that at Flinstone’s Gym?

The avitar is Dionysis Metaxas, of Kefalonia, Greece. If more athletes saw this maybe they’d stop bitching about what they dont have and just shut up and train.

I knew we should have patented our equipment!

LOL Charlie!

nycjay01, what do you know about him then?