epsom salt baths between two a day practices

here’s the deal - I am incredibly sore from sessions earlier this week (soccer) and I have a practice later today. Would it be detrimental or helpful to take an epsom salt bath inbetween practices (I have 6.5 hours between practices).

Thanks for any help

Might be more beneficial to buy a couple of bags of ice and take a 52 degree ice bath for 20-30 minutes. Just for your lower body.

I would use cold baths after the first session.

Baths though are only one aspect though.
What about the other nutrition, flexibility, rest etc. protocols?

my nutrition is pretty good right now, my morning meal is clemsons cheesecake recipe and a multi. when I get home from practice I usually have an endurox shake, then an hour later have coconut milk / micellar casein / immunogrow / l glut shake. I have a real food P and C meal later. Sometimes I wll have a snack before the 2nd practice. After 2nd practice, I have a big dinner that my mom usually fixes (always healthy). I take ZMA a few hours later, then an hour after ZMA I have my second coconut milk / mc / immunogrow / l glut shake then go to sleep and try to get 8-9 hours. For flexibility we stretch before and after both practices, and I do the jumpstretch routine with a mini band in between practices.

wow, that ice bath was brutal and I only did it at 57-58 degrees

Do you think the ice bath helped you though? I’m trying to gain as much info as possible before I start my two-a-days on Friday.

The ice baths are great for mental toughness :smiley:

my soreness has reduced since the bath, and just a warning its extremely cold but stick with it because you get somewhat used to it

Epsom salt baths hlp the best after working out. Sit in the tub for about 20 minutes, dry yourself off don’t wash the salt off your body and then it’ll help you get a better sleep as well as a better recovery.

Why not wash the salt off after bathing in it? I assume the benefits are gained only when in the tub with high temp, once you are out, what difference does it make whether you washed the salt off or keep it on?

when pouring the water in your tub to fill, did you solely open the cold water?