End of The Year Special Endurance

I coach High School, and have a champioship meet this sunday. I was planning on a special endurance workout on tuesday, but i am pondering which workout should be done. The athletes are 300-400 runners, and i was thinking of doing 2x300’s at 95% with 10-15 minutes recovery or 3x150’s with 10-15 mintues rest. Anyone have ideas??

Hello Speedking…here is an exempel.
Start with 1 20-60 sprint after they are warmed-up, so the really feel “speedey”.
Then 1x300m (95%) rest 20min, then 2x150m (95%) with full recoverys.
I think this could be a good way to go full out, because sometimes atlethets can do 1 300m and the next they got to much respect for it, that they don´t go full out because fear of felling bad…150m´s are easyer to go “flat out”. (mindgames)
And as they get use to this, move up to what you thought 2-3x300m…

also dont limit yourself to a specific recovery time during a special endurance session. these full recoveries can go as up to 45min if necessary.

Yeah i’ll do that, 1x300 and 2x150’s or the 3x150’s. Our last meet is Feb. 27th so for the next workout which will be feb. 22, i will just drop the volume and do 1x150 and 2x120’s.
Thanks for the input.