Quickazhell recomended this EMS unit to me, does it look good? thanks

This unit was already talked about. Charlie said it looked fine.

o alright, thanks

For strength use or just recovery?

For strength and recovery

I can’t handle the pain, so I don’t use em :slight_smile:

plus its a hassle to setup

If possible, it’s best to get a unit with at least 4 channels (i.e. 8 pads) so that you can get more coverage on your body, particularly if you are doing multiple protocols (i.e. strength, recovery, tens). A typical quad workout requires a 4-pad criss-cross pattern on each quad, as does an effective hamstring session. If you have an 8-pad setup, you can do both quads/hams at once.

I’m not clear as to whether or not this unit has the ability to feed 8-pads. Wait, just saw that it was a dual channel, so only 4 pad capability.

Having said that, everything else looks good - especially the price!

I’ve recently been using a Compex Sport model that I bought from the UK. Very nice, but quite a bit more expensive.

For this unit split leads are available however i have not experimented with that yet and i would imagine it would take away some of the power if more leads are added. The power goes up rather high but i noticed when using it for strength on my lower back, abs, and either quads or hams i can tolerate the unit being jacked up about 75%. For recovery however split leads may be a great idea as the power output is sufficent.