EMS the day of a meet...Charlie

I have a meet tomorrow night and have been receiving EMS. I wanted to get some tomorrow afternoon a few hours before i race. Will there be any bad effects from this? My legs feel great afterwards, but I didn’t know if this would hurt my speed for the race. Any thoughts? Charlie, do you have any experience with this??


i meant to increase blood flow for a nagging injury, not 10 x 10.

someone has to know something about this.

Mj on pulsing mode this would be ok. Its similar to a massage. What type of injury do you have?

my hamstring incertions are inflammed the size of a finger. i have had this problem since 2 weeks before the boston meet i went to. it wasn’t as bad then but got worse over time. the swelling is finally going down with the use of EMS.

i ended up not getting any EMS today, but i was told that it’s ok to do if you allow a few hours in between.

where do you go to get your ems done?

Health South

How much do they charge per sessions and what frequency, length of time do they use?

i’m not sure about the frequency. i go for 15 minutes. i really don’t know what they charge either because they don’t charge me. sorry i can’t be more help. just call them if one is close to you.

ok thats cool. Not a bad deal huh.

when your just starting out like me you need to have good contacts. you would be suprised how many people are willing to help you out!

Goodpoint. Are you still in school?

no, i finished my masters this past august. i’m at the same school i ran at. this helps a lot because everyone knows who i am. i still have access to anything i need including treatment.

You can use EMS in a pulsing mode up to 4 hrs before competition, though I suspect you’d get best results in the evening. But as it’s in a clinc- and it’s free- sounds good.