EMS + Stretching

i am thinking about this:

As a regeneration aspect - should i use stretching 1st an then EMS or the other way around? :confused:

Before EMS you should ensure you are fully warmed up. This may include stretching (dynamic,static active.)

You would do static stretching after treatment to reset the nervous tension of the muscles- just like after a workout


I’d stretch first, because the muscle groups you aren’t stimulating will get cold and possibly tighten while you perform the EMS. If you’re using the regeneration-type programs of the Compex, you don’t need to stretch afterwards. And you also don’t need to warm up before using the Compex programs because it has a 5 minute warmup sequence before each program (which can be deactivated if you’re already warm).

pjb, many of your EMS questions are answered in the Compex user manual and in this FAQ:

cool, thanx very much