EMS Protocol for Recovery

ok, from the posts on this site I have gathered that the best way to use EMS for recovery is the pulsing/constant mode. A few other questions

  1. what should be the pulse width (my unit goes from 50-300)

  2. what should be the frequency (my unit can go from 2-120 hertz)

  3. how long for each bodypart

also, what should pulse width and frequency be for strength (I already know 10s on/ 50 off for 10 reps)

I’d put the width (duration of pulse) anywhere from 200-300. Whatever is comfortable for you.

For recovery, I’d set the pulse anywhere from 5-15hz. You just want slow twitches in the muscle that give a massaging effect.

For explosvie strength, set it around 100-120hz and put the pulse width at 250-300. Higher width is probably better because you get more total stimulation (more stim time).