EMS Power Program: Buchenholz Method


I haven’t read through it all yet. Wanted to post it here to get some feedback on protocols.

Bump for peoples thoughts?

Interesting, but a few thoughts:
1: Kots wrote for the West in 1971 but EMS had been used in the Soviet Union as far back as 1952.
2: I’m pretty sure these are the same stim units I looked at here (Number Two has one and it works well) but I couldn’t find any that had relaxation times past 35 sec- although DB recommends up to 90 sec-
3: DB recommends that a professional use the equipment. I don’t know now but it used to be that EMS equipment could only be used in the US by a “professional” so perhaps that’s the reason for the proviso, though it’s doubtful that your average cosmetition has more knowledge on this subject than you do.
4: DB recommends a minimum 8 hr break after the last workout. I always used 4 hrs as the minimum but our workout limits are different.
5: I restricted EMS to the major muscle groups though there’s no reason it can’t be used more globally if required (a prolonged injury period for example)

PS Just checked their store and the prices are comparable to what I was quoted when I checked into it. Still couldn’t find the relaxation times. The company had some other types that They thought were better for muscle building but I liked these ones better.

I think in the article it says the relaxation times go up to 75secs but when i looked at the same unit in other stores it lists 35secs.

I emailed Db about this and the 90secs times he recommends, no reply on this yet though.

Also from my understanding of the article u have to stim the muscle in a contracted or stretched position…or have i got that wrong. :confused:

Also from my understanding of the article u have to stim the muscle in a contracted or stretched position…or have i got that wrong.

Charlie had a funny story about that in his seminar video :smiley:

To sum up, keep the limbs straight.

Does anyone have any knowledge about using EMS while Holding an isometric contraction?? I tried this once at my home while doing Glute Hams it felt like the muscle contracted harder than if I just held the position without the stim??? Not sure if it helped at all I did not do it long enough or for multiple sessions, just curious to see if anyone uses this or thought of this. If you crank the EMS up and hold a GHR or bicep curl wouldn’t that teach your muscles to activate more MU’s? Just a thought! :confused:

In the case of a muscle that has been affected by an injury, using EMS to teach it to recruit more MUs is a very common practice. In the case of a healthy muscle, I am unsure wether there will be a significant increase in MU recruitment during a max contraction.

I recently purchased the Neuro Trac Sports for $189.00 Can. plus GST. It contains 15 pre programed programs and allows for 3 customised programs to be loaded in the memory. I set a program which allows for pulse rate; work to rest ratios from 2 - 99 seconds; RMP (Ramp up) from 0.3-9.9 seconds;
two channels which can be set synchronous or delayed. I set the program grogram to run for 10 sec or work 50 sec of rest for ten cycles (10 min.). The program will also remember what level of MA you input on your first set, you can also adjust it as you go from set to set.
I purchased this unit in Edmonton Alberta Canada form a local health care and rehab store.