Many sprinters and people in general have a very tight PSOAS and the hip flexor region in general is very tight.

My question is how reasonable would using EMS on a pulsing mode (similar to what one would use for recovery) on the PSOAS be?

The placement to me seems as if it would be difficult, as it connects from T12-L5 to the lesser trochanter of the femur. Any experiences or tips on the matter?

I would imagine that would be difficult considering the depth of the psoas. You’re more likely to stim the abdominal muscles.

Don’t know about the placements, but my feedabk is that, after a pulse mode EMS for recover,the tonus is much lower.

I see. I have gained access to an EMS machine, but it’s a bit odd. There are no modes, totally manual (BPS can be changed, time can be changed, and intensity (with a knob), but that is it). I tried it out today and a “pulsing” mode was very difficult and I eventually just decided to use some heat instead (less effort). I forsee it as a great way for strength building, but constantly turning the knob is extremely tedious and does not work that well.

What about frequency? Can that be changed? If so, you could go to a low frequency in the 2-5hz range and that can serve as pulsing mode. If not, then tough break. As for strength building EMS, I find it extremely painful, but keep us updated if it works for you.

Stretching would be so much better!!!

EMS to Psoas - that’s new.

Try Myofascial work, or ART on it.

Also check posture and identify the cause of the problem

Stretch and trigger point work is a simple approach.

Thanks for the info guys.
I came into contact with a very good ART therapist who has done work with Charlie (Bill Tullock) and will be meeting with him soon I hope about it. He said that stretching is good, but with the PSOAS it can be dangerous as I may be hurting what is fine and not taking care of the shorterned area.