EMS how much can it really improve you?

I am asking how much does EMS really help you. I really don’t have a lot of money to buy such a machine, but if it is worth it I will try. I improve year to year without it and I have never used it, but if it can accelerate my gains I might have to save to get one. I am a college athlete and student so I don’t have a lot of money. If anybody can tell me about the cheapest but effective EMS machine it will be helpful. Otherwise how many people on the website really have gotten a lot of gains from it that they can prove.

Thank you:confused:

You have to prioritize your needs. Catalogue what you already have vs what you need for success and then prioritize your needs- ie, is a training camp more important than EMS, or do you live in a warm climate already? After reading everything you can get on the subject of EMS, especially everything on this site, have you identified a need for it? Does anyone in your area, who could train with you, have a stim already? Do you have access to a sufficient number of appropriate level competitions? Is your training plan all it could be?

Search and check my EMS threads… I got a dandy little unit for 107$
And Charlie tells pretty much all you need to know!

where did you get your’s from? I think I might get me one.

I have the same question QUIKAZHELL. Where did you get yours?

give me your email adresses and i will be happy to send you the link…

Has anyone ever tried that Compex 500 unit? It is supposed to know what kind of EMS the muscle needs and administer the right treatment. Kinda pricey, but heck … it takes the guess work out the picture if it does what it says!