EMS: Globus Premium 200 vs Elite 4

I use a Globus ‘Premium Sport Plus’ model, similar to the Globus 200, specifically the ‘SpeedCoach Plus’, but has much more programming/ flexibility, and is advertised as “programmable”, but I have yet to try to find out how?

I pretty much exclusively use 2 sets of split cables and the ‘2+2’ mode, using all 8 pairs of probes with 16 electrodes at once.

Using all 4 channels with split cables on each channel makes the session more than 2 times faster than only being able to use 4 pairs of cables, as not just in time used in the session, but in having to move pads too.

Without this, it would probably be a deal breaker… time is a very important factor for many.

Also, before purchasing whatever brand/model you finally decide, research and find independent tests on the model, as I have read comparisons of some less expensive EMS devices that there advertised mA output was no where near ‘real life’ output, especially if using split cables.

This value doesn’t really tell you how many milli-Amp it will be able to deliver at an Ohm load typical of quadriceps. In my case my quads are about 5 times as high. This in turn means that the milli-Amp peak value will be about one fifth.

I’m sorry about having given a negative impression. I have had a tough time looking up and searching in the new forum, and I have intervened only in discussions that were flagged to me by other members.

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[QUOTE=adonail;248097]In my point of view 50mA is more than enough for recovery programs and rehabilitation, but I have used myself more than 60mA for the glutes so maybe It would be a disadvantage for him, but again I don’t know his strength or pain resistance. For me the 4 channels and 2+2 is more than enough reasons to pay more. Compared this device with anything compex have and you’ll understand what I am talking about.

I only have experience with the premium 200, not with the elite 150 and elite 2 pro. I did not want to enter into an endless debate with you, just wanted to share my opinion.

premium 200 (449 EUROS) 73 PROGRAMS
4 channels
50-450 µs

elite 150 (349 EUROS) 45 PROGRAMS
4 channels
50-450 µs

elite 2 pro (179 EUROS) 40 PROGRAMS
2 channels
50-400 µs


Don’t really know where did you get that info from,
Premium 200 120mA is 4 channels, 0.3-150Hz 50-450µs 534 programs, NOT programmable.

Elite 150 120mA is 4 channels, 0.3-150Hz 50-450µs 150 programs, NOT programmable.

Elite 2 Pro 100mA is 2 channels, 0-120Hz 50-400µs 100 programs, +10 PROGRAMMABLE options.


There is not really 534 programs for example each programs have some variations like woman/man/Demo and bodyparts Thight/calf/Lower limbs/trunk etc.

so there is 73 real programs, but with the variations It makes 534 total variations, hope It helped…


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Now regardless how much knowledge Malcolm Arnold has about a topic, when new in a community it is rarely endearing to barge through the front door insulting people whether accidental or on purpose- especially esteemed members like Ku2u#1 who has been here for years and who has been a personal friend in the real world for a number of years now. We have spent many hours in Austin, TX training on the track, lifting, coaching other athletes, and discussing training concepts. I know he is too classy of a guy to get his back up, but I am not.

Everyone here is looking to help each other. Being dismissive struck me as rude, and I advised you of that. I apologize for being inflammatory.

Back to the topic at hand, having less than four channels is a real pain in the ass. A two channel unit, even if you use split leads can be ponderous to use. Better would be a 2+2 unit, but with such units you are only able to raise or lower the power of left and right channels. With a four channel unit, you have a lot more freedom to individualize the power levels.

I can confirm that the Globus and Compex units get the muscles hotter and firing better than on inexpensive units. Although I really liked my initial unit, the Compex Sport I have now (as well as the Globus unit that Ku2u#1 has that I have tried) does a better job even on the Active Recovery setting. That being said, if they are out of someone’s budget, an inexpensive unit is better than nothing.

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I am surpried to have stirred up this debate.

Background information: I compete in both recreational powerlifting and bodybuilding. My goals for purchasing an EMS unit are for maximal strength, hypertrophy, and recovery for these things. I came across EMS from a powerlifting article recently and decided to look into it further. I do not see many people using it for these applications as the majority of users seem to be cyclists and professional athletes, of which I am neither.

To be honest, I have not spent a huge amount of time reading into the methodologies of programming. I have only skimmed articles and read posts from this forum in order to find the most relevant information to help me purchase a unit. In that case, I have spent around 20 hours in the last two weeks reading and searching through posts, if not more. The units described are just far above my price range for a piece of gym equipment. I cannot justify a $600-$800 purchase for something I am not even sure will work. Because of this, I have just bought the Elite 2 pro which I found for under $200 including international shipping. It’s a great starter unit and $200 is not too steep.

I still need a splitter cable so if anyone can point me in the proper place for where to purchase one I would be very thankful. I’ve not seen any on Ebay or from the Globus site itself, which doesn’t seem to sell any products. I have found one on JDharris.co.uk but it would be great to also purchase extra pads and gel… Are these necessary? I will be using the unit everyday, so I figured probably from what I’ve gathered.

As mentioned, I have not spent much time reading about programming of the unit. Because the Elite 2 Pro is programmable I will definitely take advtange of this capability. I am a beginner as Giovanni pointed out, but I am certainly willing to put in the effort for proper use. I look at the Elite 2 Pro as only a stepping stone into EMS if this produces the results I would hope for. I would be very greatful if anyone could point me to some forum posts and/or articles on how to do so properly for the protocols I was talking about earlier: maximum strength, hypertrophy, and recovery.

I will definitely be keeping track of my progress with the unit here, on YouTube, and on BodyBuilding.com and would hope to share the wealth if I get concrete results.


Be patient and read up as much as you can.
Recovery alone makes this device well worth it and your use for weight lifting is where its biggest strengths lie according to most of the studies I have read.

Don’t get discouraged by how long it takes using a 2 channel device.
Just keep in mind that when you can afford to go 4 channel, it will make it that much more practical.

Actually, I could not imagine using only 2 channels, as the 4 channel device I use plus 2 pairs of split cables for 16 pads at once still takes 1 hour for a recovery session and over 2 hours for a strength/recovery session.
Even as good as EMS is, more than doubling the time I don’t think would allow it to still be practical in my situation.

In my experience the older the athlete the more benefit there is from EMS recovery methods. This goes hand in hand with the fact that a younger body has faster repair capabilities, and recovery is essentially a repair function of the body.

Hey Rich,

Could you tell me where you purchased your split cables from? I don’t plan on doing this, but what if I bought 6 split cables and ran them through each other out of the 2 channels… would that be in essecne the same as what you are doing?

You would only be able to use 1 set of split cables… each time you ‘split’ the circuit, you drop half the available current… if you split 2 x you would be left with less than 25mA, probably much less after accounting for added resistance, impedance etc. Plus, I’m sure the device would not appreciate that kind of load. The cables are available at most all stores that sell Globus products, if that is the type you are looking for?

Yes, I am looking for Globus split cables. I live in Korea and there are no stores that sell Globus products, I am only able to purchase online. I also need the website to be able to ship internationally, and have not really found any sources.


kind regards

Wow, thank you!!!

Would these work as well (http://www.jdharris.co.uk/globus-splitter-cable)? I’m wondering if one connecting through the further output would not work as well as one connected to the unit itself, which may be why there is a price discrepancy?

I don’t know what do you mean
Its working as the same as Y audio cables http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/audio-y-splitter
I’ve got this idea from a-j.

Well the Y splitter cable would plug into the ends of the cables that the Elite 2 already has correct? But the actual Globus made cables plug directly into the unit itself and splits to two wires from that. I do not know much about electricity but I was questioning whether the electrical signal would be hampered by passing through two sets of cables rather than one.

I’ll just purchase directly from Globus because I need extra pads.

Thanks for all your help wermouth!

Can anyone point me to some good reading material? :slight_smile:

No problem
Any particular topic?
You can go through the FORUM and you could find a lot of GOOD info.

Read Ku2u#1’s journal on this site- he is an Olympic lifter and has incorporated EMS into his training to a very high degree. If you are a lifter and interested in incorporating EMS, I would recommend reading his journal very carefully, and asking him questions before buying a unit. He has experience with inexpensive units as well as more expensive ones.

If you do a Google search of “www.charliefrancis.com: EMS” you will pull up a number of great threads going back many years. Pay extra-special attention to Charlie’s posts. This is THE place for EMS info!