EMS: Globus Premium 200 vs Elite 4

Between this two Globus units is there really such a difference?

Does anyone own either? The only thing I can tell is that the Premium 200 has far more programs and 20hz more. However, the price on the Premium 200 is anywhere from $100-$150 more. The Elite 4 is a pretty good bargain coming in at the lowest around $300, while the Premium is about $450. Just wondering if that extra $100 will make a huge difference in the results I see for strength and recovery.

Along the same lines there’s a unit called the Stim Tech Target?
It’s really cheap… http://mywellcare.ca/tens_units/-stimtec_target_tens_ems_by_vitality_depot
Channel: Dual
Output : Maximum 130 mA (peak value) across 500 Ohm load
Pulse Width: From 50μS to 400μS adjustable
Pulse rate: From 1Hz to 150Hz Adjustable
Waveform: Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular, Asymmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular, Monophasic rectangular and Alternated Bi-phasic rectangular
Ramp Time: 0-5 seconds, in steps of 1 second
On Time: 1-60 seconds, in steps of 1 second
Off Time: 1-60 seconds, in steps of 1 second

The specs all sounds right to me, but I don’t want to buy something that will not produce results. It’s significantly cheaper than the other models and has no reviews online that I can find, meaning it’s a bit sketchy.

Well to be honest two of them are pretty much the same Premium 200 has got Function 2+2: possibility to carry out two different programs at the same time.
Instead of buying Premium 200 or Elite 4 I would go for Elite 2 Pro which is much cheaper and above all is programmable.
You can have 10 own program you can set the wave, rest time, work time, intensity of both recovery and work, frequency of both recovery and work etc… you can set it up as you are pleased.
The only down side is that has only two channels but if you can buy split cables than there is no problem.

If you want to go only for recovery protocols than go for any of those two above, however if you want go also for recruitment then Elite 2 Pro is my option

Thanks for replying :smiley:

Do you recommend any place to get the split cables?

Also, I’m wondering, the Elite 2 Pro is only 50μS to 400μS, but I’ve read that for quads you need 450uS for maximum recruitment… is this not accurate?

You can get split cables directly from Globus, supplier or ebay.
Lower Leg 430,Upper Leg 380 microseconds,
All three models were built to cover market gap.
I think in Premium 200 and I am sure in Globus Elite 4 the wave length is set for 400μS and the frequency is set 60Hz an it CANNOT be changed.

400μS is enough for stimulating any part of the leg.

I think Frequency is important thing to look at.

“Stimulating between 50 Hz and 90 Hz, it is possible to work on intermediate fibers of type “IIa”,
which have intermediate characteristics between slow type “I” fibers and fast type “IIx” fibers.
This training will improve strength and a moderately help fatigue resistance”

“Stimulating between 90 Hz and 120 Hz, muscle fibers of type “IIx” will be trained with strength
and speed characteristics, but scarce fatigue resistance”

Excellent, you saved me a few hundred dollars! I really appreciate it :smiley:

You both seem to overlook the most important part, the program, or better the sequence of programs. It is as if you were talking about training with weights, discussing the handle, the total weight of the plates, and then disregarding how many repeats, how many times, how fast and how often.

Will there ever come another day when you contribute constructively to a thread that doesn’t involve the products you sell?

I actually sell the Premium 200 to those who specifically request it.

No disrespect, I think you have read totally different thread.
I don’t really know and see where CheslinK asked about “repeats, how many times, how fast and how often” and what’s your response got to do with his questions?

CheslinK and wermouth,

What do you both intend to use EMS for? For what sport? What part of the season? How many times per year?

The answer for your question “What do you both intend to use EMS for?” is actually answered at the beginning.
“The Elite 4 is a pretty good bargain coming in at the lowest around $300, while the Premium is about $450. Just wondering if that extra $100 will make a huge difference in the results I see for strength and recovery
[b]Ku2u#1[/b] “For what sport? What part of the season? How many times per year?” Firstly this topic wasn’t directed towards periodization.
Secondly, When you’ve got Elite 2 Pro (which is cheaper then those two above) you can set your own protocols and use as you pleased and when you pleased, so all your questions from this point of view are irrelevant.

the elite pro 2 have only two channels (ex can only work one quad/hamstring/glute at a time). Time is money!

If I can help a bit, I own the Globus Premium 200 and It’s one of the best buy I have done in my life to be honest with you.

The battery last forever and there is tons of programs including plyo and sport specific programs. The only downside is the european plug that need a converter in north america, but finally It costed me around 8$ for that, so It’s not a big deal.

120mA is more than enough for a very good stimulation for most mortals. Also don’t underestimate the advantage of having four channels(instead of two) If you are short on time as I am.

Having said that, the Elite 4 is 100mA, and the Elite 150 is 120mA. If I would go for any other device cheaper than the premium 200 that would be the Elite 150 http://www.electrofitness.com/globus-elite-150.html that I considering buying myself to complete my collection (I also own the Genesy 1200 pro).

Haha, no need to be defensive smart guy. I was just asking a question out of my own curiosity and I’m sorry if it was irrelevant to the post above. Giovanni brings up an important point because using EMS (like strength training) is not a fool proof tool. I hope you read CF’s materials on his recommendations on using EMS because he had a ton of great info. Keep us posted on how you use EMS into your training program.

No disrespect taken Wermouth. I think you are a pretty knowledgeable guy when it comes to EMS. What I wrote was a sort of metaphor (to be exact it is a simile), comparing a form of voluntary exercise to EMS.

Anybody can buy weights, but if you don’t use them like a strength and conditioning coach would, then results will be marginal. Without any disrespect to CheslinK, although he’s serious and has read quite a bit on the subject, I think he is still a beginner, and writing his own programs I think it will help him marginally.

Yes, that’s true. And it seems lately you only participate here when you have an interest to defend, namely some no-name EMS unit vs. your units in this specific case.

I haven’t seen you comment on anything non-EMS related in quite some time, nor share any unbiased information that wouldn’t lead to some form of EMS buying decision of late. I just don’t want you to think that nobody has noticed. You have shared a lot of information in the past, but not much lately. It’s rather unfortunate and has diminished the goodwill I have toward your brand.

adonail re: two channels, you haven’t read previous threads, SPLIT CABLES or Y CABLE is the option for two channel unit.

Also you are talking about intensity/ amplitude and saying that 100mA as it might be not enough. One- I have not heard of anyone who got even close to 100mA, two- working with the EMS during my sessions none of the athletes I coach could pass 40mA mark (frequency between 90-110Hz) over two meso- cycles.
Even if you split the cable and half of the current goes to each cable according to Ohm law, then if you set intensity around 80mA (40mA to each cable) that is more than enough to stimulate muscle effectively talking here from my observation and my experience.

adonail can you please state several advantages of premium 200 and Elite 150 over Elite 2 Pro (4 channels instead of 2 channels, 2+ 2 function, we know that) are there any other serious advantages?

Giovanni brings a lot to the table, I am thankful for all this info he has been providing for us.
There is a lot of researches out there, I know that EMS is not a fool proof tool and advantages are not only observed in the muscle mass, fibre recruitment, recovery but also EMS increasing neural drive, oxidative metabolism, improving antioxidant defence systems etc…

Maybe we can start new thread
“My experience with EMS”
where people can actually write about their experiences, settings, protocols, how they plan and how they approaching periodization and about their results


Really? Barely ten posts in and you’re giving a smartass reply to a guy with seven years on CF.com with an entire journal dedicated to his use of EMS? He has tons of experience. You’d be wise to not call his question “irrelevant.” Someone willing to take an interest in your training by trying to understand the specific context of it shouldn’t be rudely dismissed.

Interesting point of view,
I was wondering how low number of the posts is considered as a “Know nothing” category,
Because I have lower number of the posts at the same time I have no right of expressing myself, is that right? “Experience relates to intensity not longevity” Malcolm Arnold.
T-Slow just remember one thing, at some point every participant of this Forum started from the first post, first thread and first journal.
However, every participant started from different level.
From my point of view I think that those questions were as relevant as your comment, NOT.
I have suggested to start different thread.
If Ku2u#1 was offended I believe he would tell me straight about it and I would/ will gladly apologise.