EMS for the Neck?

Has anyone used EMS to train the muscles of the neck? Is it safe? Is it effective?

Obviously, this is not a concern for sprint training, but for football, neck training is quite important. In addition, it is difficult to find good and safe exercises for training the neck muscles.

Any thoughts?

What’s wrong with a 4-way neck machine? Ran into Chek?

Are you talking about bridges being dangerous? I doubt it if you can get some MMA guy to show you.

No, actually one of the gyms I go to has a 4-way neck machine which I use. I also do some bridges, but haven’t found them as effective…perhaps I’m not doing them correctly. I would like some more variation in my training and am looking for other means of training this area.

For all of the attitude you gave me in your post, you still didn’t answer my question…

relax…no attitude intended.

To answer your question, no I have not used EMS on my neck, and would be hesitant to do so.

To quote the EMS handbook: “Stimulation should not be applied over the neck or mouth. Severe spasm of the laryngeal and phayrngeal muscles may occur…close the airway or cause difficulty in breathing.”

Other than 4-way and bridges, I remember Poliquin talking about some sort of isometrics with a swiss ball.

For neck training info you might want to ask on one of the forums where Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson post. EMS on the neck seems to go against common sense to me too for what its worth.

xlr8, I have had success with, neck harnesses, bridging, partner assisted resistance, and any other implement that can secure weight to your head (eg weight belt, football helmet with chain, etc).

I have an idea for a great neck training implement that I might look into getting fabricated once I have the time and money.

My proffesor has the compex muscle stim and the manual for it says that you shouldnt use it for the neck, spinal erectors or pec muscles since the electrical charge it sends is so strong.

How are you using you neck harness James?

I sit on the edge of a bench, lower my head and bring it back up. It doesn’t seem to do anything for my neck, not like upright rows.

The neck muscles seems like a smaller muscle group and whenever I would try and use EMS on small muscle groups (Biceps) even the abs to a certain extent it has the effect or having the area “ball up”. Id imagine same trhing would happen to the neck in addition with what others have mentioned.