EMS for recovery

Question for Charlie:

Charlie along with prolotherapy. I can incorporate massage or ems. Along with heat up to 20 minutes in duration. How should EMS be applied here. I was instructed to stay away from ice (causes decrease in blood flow) and anti imflammatories (inhibits the healing process of prolo). To recap my injuries I had an MCL laxity which is healed now, and patella tendonitis which is not 100% yet.

My question:
I want the EMS to mimic a sort of soft tissue massage. Where should I put the electrodes. And what pulse should I put in on. I know this question is very vague. But Im sure with your EMS knowledge you could offer some advice. The focus now is for the patella tendonitis to fully heal proplerly.

  • What is your complete rehab program just now Tim apart from EMS?

  • I would imagine a properly applied cyrotherapy program could only help - no?

  • Charlie would localised EMS above the knee encuorage greater blood flow?

Ah good point. I am waiting for my therapist to give me the ok on rehab. he stills wants to wait a bit to see how my body reacts to the substances. I was taught by larry warnock that in most injuries you do not want to actually go over or on the injury but over an insertion point below or above the injury which most likely will be causing the pain. Hence my MCL was the culprit yet the pain was on the right side towards my meniscus. Good questions no.23 Im interested in hearing charlies response.