EMS Compex/ how many contractions?

one more question about EMS…

i have bought a Compex Sport 400 and used it today for the first time…

the contraction is about 3-4sec and then comes a 25" rest time.

I did 10-15 contractions per muscle group, but the program is about 26 minutes.
So i just used it for about 10mins.

CF says they did 10x10" with 50sec rest.

I just cant imagine that it could be good to have more then 30 contractions or so and it uses so much time, even if its just 3sec instead of 10secs…

any hints/comments/experiences?

Best regards,


You can do more than 10 reps with a 3 sec contraction time but not for 26min. I’d do 10 to 15 as you say.

cool thanx for your answer Charlie!
So i’m sure im gonna do it like this way.

How do others manage it, just for some discussions…