EMS applicated to Trigger Point

Different pulses can be applied to trigger points and to accupuncture needles in the fascial planes. In the hands of an expert, you can get great results. The athlete can treat himself by setting up a general relaxing pulse on tight muscles, and this can promote recovery and blood flow if the limbs are slightly elevated.

I have just recently been introduced to some pretty cool work being done with microcurrent and trigger points. I just started incorporating it with some soft tissue work and the results have been mixed, but I think its just a matter of working with it more and getting some protocols down.

You can see Dr Mike Prebeg applying stim via accupuncture needles in the Jane Project.

With or without needles?

What’s the deal with microcurrent?

Charlie, I’ve seen a GB physio perform that acupuncture with stim to trigger points and get good, immediate results. It works well. The only drawback is the athlete that does’nt like needles and the lunatic athlete that wants to get stuck three times a day.

Personally I like to use my hands and feel the tissue relax. I think most athletes like to have someone put there hands on them. As you know, you have more knowledge of what the body is doing when you can feel the tension/suppleness of the soft tissue.