Emergency Recovery Needed!

I just got a call from a team (NFL) who is bringing me in for a workout tomorrow to potentially sign me for training camp. The bad news is that I did 250-300 yards of speed work yesterday and went through the route tree a few times followed by squats, lunges and back extensions. I am feeling some soreness in the quads and glutes and want to make sure that I am on point for tomorrow.

I will be running a 40 and then routes tomorrow.

Any suggestions for recovering quickly for optimal performance tomorrow?

I would try 2-3 contrast showers and increase your protein intake slightly. I wouldn’t use much foam rolling at this time.

The problem with living in Texas is that contrast showers are rather worthless when the cold setting is around 70 degrees!

I think you will be ok since the speed stuff was done on Monday.

Hot/Cold showers for sure (rub down with Ice for the cold part). At least twice through today and once in the AM tomorrow. Get up very early and warm-up before you get to the try-out (away from the field so they don’t grab you for a 40y try before the alloted time and before you are ready (happens all the time)

Simple Ice Baths help my CNS feel recovered. Sit in tub run your cold water up to waste level covering top of legs and hips. Add at least THREE bags of Ice to the water. Sit for 15-20min.

I live in the South so the water is not cold here either three bags Ice does the trick though.

What about NSAIDs? MSM? DMSO? I’m more concerned with soreness/tightness than CNS fatigue

just use aspirin at night- don’t want to screw up your reaction time and DMSO makes tisue more vulnerable to injury and is best used only with a day or two off or just easy training.

What dosage of Aspirin is appropriate? I typically use Ibuprofen.

80mg or a baby/low-dose aspirin is usually fine and is enough for most off the benefits in the literature.

Prob right. I like aspirin much better than anything else.

Charlie what WOULD slow down your reaction time?
How’s acetaminophen for a pain killer occasionally when eeded?

don’t know about it particularly but most anti-inflams affect R/T even though there is no mention of it in the literature I’ve seen.

Did you do the ice bath yesterday?

I take acetaminophen to sleep i wouldnt use as a pain killer this close to workout

I usually take 2-4 Advil before most meets.

and how is your reaction to the gun usually?

That slows reaction?

It does in my experience

Why are you training hard anyways, your training should be in maint mode since you don’t know when you will get that phone call. The work has been done, now let it show!!!