Elite Sprinters Lifts

ABout how much do elite sprinters lift, like maurice green, justin gatlin and shawn crawford?

they arent that big even though they look huge on tv

jg is 6’1 170
mg is 5’9 178

but I bet they are hella strong…

Being as cut as they are, they are pretty big. Mo is 5’8"-5’9" and ridiculously ripped. At the bodyfat of an average person, I am sure they would both be much much bigger. JG’s coach follow CFTS-esque principals. Mo’s coach has plenty of lifting. I am sure both lift 2-3 times a week, depending on period of training. Dan Pfaff (Bruny Surin, Donovan Bailey, etc.) even have lifting up to 6 days a week, as does LSU. The difference is the kind of weight work, volume, intensity, density, and what phase on is in.

Sprinters like Ben Johnson could bench upwards of 350 lbs several reps and squat a max of close to 560lbs.

I’m sure they could squat a shitload (like around 600 lbs) and Mo would probably have a huge bench press seeing he’s shorter and probably has shorter arms and is more ripped then JG.

While those may seem like impressive numbers, they still fall short of ben’s strength. It was closer to oh say 450x2 for bench and 2x6x600 for squats.

give me 10 years and ill lift that much

whats the point of two reps lol

Well you’re obviously not familiar with Charlie’s reasoning for the bench press are you. The reason for two reps is neural potentiation. As well lifting in the lower rep range brings strength. So next time don’t try to belittle what you have no clue about with a lol

I actaully read that recently, I just forgot.

I’ve seen Mo, and he isn’t all that big looking to me. On tv he looks big but in person he is alot smaller thant I thought he was, I haven’t seen Justin Gatlin up close but I’ve seen him run before and he looks like your regular skinny guy but Shawn Crawford is huge form tv. I can assume that out of the three he is definately the biggest based off of how big he looks on tv. Has anyone seen him in person up close, to verify this.

Big or small…they’ll still kick our asses(sprinting wise)

I stood next to Crawford at the Sacramento trials and he was way smaller than I thought he would be. He looked like an average sized, albeit ripped, guy you’d see at any gym. Greene was one of the thicker guys but still average size (versus a linebacker or something).

One of the coolest things at the trials (for spectators at least) is that the athletes are walking around with the public, after their races they empty in the general area. I was shocked by how small most track atheletes really are. Aside from the throwers, in street/training clothes most get lost in the crowd. I was constantly doing double takes as I’d walk right past Olympic medalists.

True :), I guess tv does make the sprinters look alot bigger than they are. One thing I didn’t know was that Shawn Crawford was short. And judging from what you said his build just looks like someone that actually lifts. CJ Hunter almost knocked me over as I was walking at the Penn Relays one time. I felt this huge figure move me out of the way, and I turn around and look and see its CJ Hunter. NFL players on the other hand those guys look pretty big in comparison to how big some look on tv. But thats mainly the line backers and linemen.

he actually stated that he uses less weight for more reps. so he doesnt necessarily train for strength.

The fact is, there have been world class sprinters that were strong like power lifters (Ben Johsnon) and humingbird types that probably couldn’t bench much at all (Kim Collins). If you’ve got speed you’ve got speed no matter how much you lift. However, it just doensn’t make sense that modern sprinters wouldn’t try try to get at least somewhat stronger in the gym. If strength were all it took than the fastest people in the world would be power lifters and strongmen!