Electric massage toys

not the kind yall are thinkin about. No just kiddin I dont use words like yall. Ok lets get serious.

I was wondering what use an athlete would have for a massage via a hand held electric unit. I know most of the good massage therapists will incorporate this into their programs every once in a while. Usually on specific vibration motions. And almost seem paranoid about using it for too long. Almost not to make you think this could replace their actual massage. But could it. If one person was using it on another athlete. While the athlete was comfortable sitting in a massage table (with a head rest) relaxed, nice music playing. Maybe some bach. It think this could work. Teach one athlete the basics of the general feel good massage to get the person relaxed and then just massage away with machines. I wonder if anyone is considered an expert on the use of hand held devices such as these for massage purposes. Also we know things like the whirlpool sauna ect are massages therapist rival.

Have you ever seen athletes use these types of methods. maybe just the coach could learn the basic use and incorporate the ROM stretches also. Note to doc: I love the massage but its so expensive.
Any thoughts.

ok sorry, i’m done :o
i once had my calf massaged with an electric massager, and i was writhing in pain. this makes me think that the adaptations and variance that manual massage therapy provides is important- who wants to pay someone to press a machine on you?

the erchonia line is fantastic…an additon not a replacement.