Elbow injury

While performing a snatch in competition I tore my flexor at the elbow and sprained the ligaments. Any advice in regards to rehabilitation would be greatly appreciated.

Three muscles “primarily” perform elbow flexion; do you know which one exactly you injured? Are you sure you tore it? If so, to what extent is the tear? From what little you wrote your injury sounds pretty bad. You may not have much of a choice but to rest and get passive therapies performed on the area until it heals somewhat. At that point therapy can get a little more aggressive.

The Orthopaedic Surgeon, thought the ultrasound showed a torn flexor, but there was so much blood and swelling in the area that it was difficult to make out. I’ve been seeing a physiotherapist for the past three weeks, and he thinks that if there was a tear it’s not much of one because I’ve regained strength in the area very quickly without much pain. He tends to think that the injury is more to the ligaments and cartilage. I’m having difficulty locking out my arm and bending it fully. I’d like to compete again and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how I could strengthen the joint.