effect of grass on sprint times

Our local track is closed for renovations for a couple of months and i’ll have to work out on a nearby soccer field. Does anybody have some experience with what effect running on a pretty solid grass surface might have on a 60m time. Would I expect the time to be as much as 0.3 seconds slower?

The times will be slower- and not consistant, as they’ll vary depending on the amount of rain and the frequency in which the grass is cut, but you may get a pretty good bounce after a period on the grass. You won’t loose anything in your early acceleration phase, but you might have some limitations on your top speed if you spend too long on the grass. After about 4 weeks, I’d start looking for an alternative track- even if you use the long-jump runway for top speed work. If the runway is too short, you can use a run-in from the grass to the runway.

Thanks for the reply…I won’t even have access to the long jump runway unfortunately, so I guess I will slog away on the grass. I can make a 1 hour commute to a different track once a week I suppose.

I only was wondering because I did some 30m fly’s off a 30m accel today on the grass and they were about 0.3 slower than what I was doing on the track. The grass was cut short but we had some days of rain leading up to this so it was a little soft and slightly muddy in places. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t falling off pace.