Edit and advice on my 400m/200m training schedule?

My schedule I’m posting is going to be from February to May. I’m currently in high school, a junior, 16, and plan on doing my own training program this year. This current High school doesn’t have a good program, and my season paid for it last season. I talked to my old coach, I went to another high school freshman year, and got this program from him. I started going to this current high school sophomore year, and they don’t know too much about training for track.

Starting in January, I will start distant running while still lifting weights Mon, Wed, and Fri. I’ll phase it in slowly, and phasing out plyos maybe the second week of January. After that, I will begin this program from February, till the end of the season, which should be state.

1st week: 6x200m; 2:30 break
2nd week: 6x200m; 2:00 break
3rd week: 6x200m; 1:30 break
4th week: 8x200m; 2:30 break
Continue same cycle of break with 10x200, and then bring back down to 8x200 after 10x200 finishes. The second 8x200 is near the end of the season, and assume it follows the same break cycle. Maybe I will change that to 6x200 instead of 8x200. Any ideas?

Walk, jog, stride, sprint; in 50m increments. I’m assuming you do this 200m thing twice each lap, but what would you people recommend? At the beginning of the season, do this for 2-3 laps. Near the end, do this for 4-6 laps.

500m “Blast”
400m- Around 85%-90%
100m- Blast last 100m
Do this 4 times. Assume rest stays constant throughout season (2:00-3:00), but could be wrong.

Other thing for Wed
600 thing
Good 200
Jog 200
Good 200

Do these two routines on alternate weeks.

8-12 100s with 1:10 break between.
This one I assume many of you will disagree with, but I could be wrong. If you disagree please give me an alternative idea. Also know, I’m weight training on this day.

Weight training

Do 4 near the beginning of the season; bring it up to 8 by the end of the season.

I believe on alternate weeks, they also do a thing where you stride 100 and sprint the last 50m or so; really until form breaks down. The rest of the lap, you jog, and continue this thing for 6 laps.

I believe you do one week, the 300m thing, and the next week, do the 150m thing.

Weight training


I will weight train on Thurs and Sat. It will consist of only the main lifts. That is Bench and Squat will be done on Thurs and Sat. I may add in abs training on Thurs, and Pull up on Sat, or do those on the same day. Volume won’t be that high. Each week will alternate with 3x3, 5x3, 5,3,1 for the main lifts; and continue that cycle with main lifts till end of season.

Also, this schedule is for February. I will take out Wednesday’s training March through May, because that is when meets are. This is the basic schedule, which may vary, do to date changes in meets, or meets being held on another day of the week, besides Wed.

Any ideas, comments, or criticism?

And some more, extra information, I may have to do unattached, because the coach’s at this school are messed up. This guy may say no to everything, even though he knows he doesn’t know much about track, or training for it, to make his ego feel better or something. I will, in that case, go unattached. I have 8 meets lined up, each on Saturday. I may be able to find more later on, but that it for now. Lets assume that this doesn’t occur, and I run for this current school. Thanks for any help.

Where is the speed work?! How do you plan on progressing with your athletes?

People here and many people in general are bigger fans of short–>long with training, focusing on short speed early on and working into speed/special endurance with strength endurance and easy split runs being run early on during acceleration development. Do some searching, there have been some good threads recently (lactate capacity thread) etc.

Ok, I need speedwork. Can someone out there tell me what I should substitute for speed work, and what I should do for speed work? And if I substitute that, should I change the order of the schedule around a little?

And if I have it totally wrong, could someone point me in the right direction of what I should do?

How do you plan on progressing with your athletes?

If that is meant to mean I’m the coach, I’m not. This is my own training I’m trying to straighten out.

Please, Charlie F. or anyone who could fix this to be correct, that would be great. I need to have this straight so I can have everything set up before I can ask to train on my own.

-not sure how correct this routine is, it seems to be lacking in the details and methodology (why you do something).
i.e. those 100’s, what is the pace?

-to me, for a high schooler as you are,
those high rep, high speed (85-100%) workouts 6 to 12 reps, in my experience will be too much too soon. I cant see you doing that many with a short recovery… unless you dont care what speed/pace you are averaging

  • although you can probably tailor your own workouts with more detail and expertise, you definitely have a challenge with your “coach”. There is a possibility you will not be satisfied with his response and coaching; then you have 2 choices: see it as better than not doing school track or get a good training program, work outside of school. by yourself, and go with usatf meets in july thru august.(you will have to make the cut though in the first championship meet in your area.)

I feel for you… there are many coaching woes on the athlete side in high school level. you are not alone.
-hopefully you will recognize that coach will have a half decent plan.