eccentric training for support phase?

I was at massage therapy last night for my upper left ham pull and the therapist made the following comment (summarized)

I see ham pulls up at that area all the time. Something that works well for both rehab and maintainence is to perform several eccentric based exercises for that area. The pull happens when you are weak on the support phase on landing.

He recommended ham curls concentrating on the eccentric portion of the movement and rev leg press doing the same thing. (ie: 4-5 second negative, 1 second pause, 1 second positive)

He said to include just a couple of exercises using eccentric bias and not change the rest of my workouts. He said this should help a great deal.

What do you guys think?


I think he’s right!

Cool thanks, that is what I wanted to hear :slight_smile:


Something else that might help, is to lift with both leg (in a leg press or other machine that offers stability) and lower with the affected leg.

I agree and do incorporate some eccentric work in my program.

True eccentric work does work well for some injury prevention

Some pulls can ahppen like this… I believe that generally (I’s like to hear Charlies views on this) if the injury is a slowly developing injury the likelihood is it will occur in the tendon or insertion area over a period of time, however a sudden eccentric movement tear is most likely to happen towards the belly of the muscle. These are very common in sports where cutting and CoD is occurring.

I would use some leg curls, but I would far rather use deadlifts and GH raises. But starting off I would use bands or even bicycle tire tubing, and perform combined curls and glute raises with those to build up the strength first.

Exactly - Ecc work can be very stressuous on the msucle groups and especailly post injury, but it is effective in assisting in Xfriction work and helping the tissue to straighten out again.

Eccentric glute ham raises on the floor is the one :slight_smile:

But wouldn’t something like drop jumps be more inline with the kind of eccentric loading expereinced - short and sharp etc

Forget the eccentric ham curls, that’s not where the power is needed. Go with the reverse leg press though. Also if you are injury-prone- I’d steer clear of drop jumps (though improving your plyometric program is another thing)