Eccentric hills.

If running downhill messes with running tech, but running uphill and on flat’s correct technique (assuming the athlete is fresh etc…),

Assuming there is more muscle damage running downhill/ DOWN steps
(= more eccentric work = more muscle size?), Is there any place in ANY sprinters program for downhill running?

Downhill gets more eccentric action on quads and calves but I’m not sure about hammies.

The idea is that the athlete corrects any bad tech from downhill runs or down steps, by doing various flat sprints, a few uphill runs and good sprint tech work at the track.

Maybe, its like the law of averages! Like, one foot in a bucket of ice and one foot in a bucket of boiling hot water? average = warm? So, maybe its alright? :smiley:

I agree with the other poster — being better at something means
Why do something potentially detremental?

is running downhill really bad?
i read someonewhere it was good bc makes u run faster bc its downhill and then when ur running normally it will make u faster.

Kinda like what charlie said in another thread that people who have run faster times wind-aided can run those same times unaided afterwards because they’ve already run at that frequency and speed.

I only notice soreness during downill sprints when I try to control the speed of my descent. If I just let myself fly down the hill at a crazily fast pace, I usually don’t have any problems.

But can you keep those times consistent? (afterwards)

From I have experienced, downhill running to mess up mechanics, it is better to run with the wind behind you…

I really wouldn’t know if you can, but as far as I can tell you should, since the neural pathways have been formed to run at that speed.

Charlies input and vast experience would shed a lot of light on the subject, but I would think that those times would effect an improvement.

But as has been said before the alteration of the running mechanics has to be very carefully watched.