early stages of a cold

I’m 3 days out from a championship competition, and feel a cold coming on. Post nasal drip, to be exact, is starting to come into play. What is an effective protocol for nipping this thing before I start to feel weak?

I’m on allegra, that’s about it right now. Suggestions, please.

Vitamin-C, Quercetin, Zinc, Olive leaf extract, Licorice Root, Oil of Oregano, Fresh Crushed Garlic…LOTS of water. Stay away from sugary foods. Plenty of rest.

Everything Herb just said. With the vitamin C take around 2000 mg a day. They come in 500mg capsules or gell caps. Also echinacea will help.

This is from a throwers forum, never tried it so don’t know, don’t take my word for it.

"Cold Medicine-Worked everytime

As athletic traininer in college and part-time pro I used this receipe for many years and it always worked.

Dress in your best (warmest sweats + towel around the neck): Go to kitchen:
Mix: 1 can Lemonade (frozen)
2 Cans of warm water
1 can of Jack Daniels
Drink as much as possible as quickly as possible and get into bed. Get at least 10-12 hours of sleep. Mild case of diarreaha (sp) in a.m., but you will be better and feel almost great. Make sure that the athlete is at least 21 or under direct supervision. I believe that you can find many coaches in Nebraska that were given this fomuale when sick prior to ball games and meets. Did keep the idea under wraps most of the time. C.B. N2THROS - Nebraska"

whats a “can” of jackdaniels?

Beetroot juice

Thanks for the assistance, guys. 2000mg of vitamin-C, how much zinc? 2000mg spread throughout the day of the vitamin-C, or at one time?

2000 throughout the day with food. When im not sick i usaually take 1000 post workout with food. When sick i take 1500-2000 usually in 2 doeses with food.



get up and eat some, maybe a bundled up walk, then


you shouldn’t even be reading this cause your suppose to be…



Cold averted, thanks again for the help.

beetroot juice?

Nope, did the vitamin-C, zinc, and allegra. Plus total bedrest and enough water to make me a bit uncomfortable every 18 minutes or so. :stuck_out_tongue:

this exact thing happened to me- i made it as simple as a hot bath, lots of water and an orange before bed, and a couple extra hours of sleep… worked like a charm.