earle's training journal

Fri, Oct 9 (Short workouts this week because of time restraints)

Bike 5 min WU

Bench - 6x135lbs, 145lbs x 14, 12, 9
Pull-ups - 5x4
Shoulder press (machine) - 15x5 plates, 2x12x6 plates
Barbell curls - 12x40lbs, 10x50, 8x60

Sat, Oct. 10

Short warm-up (short version of Charlie’s “Warm-up 1”)

Med ball - 9 exercises, 2x20 each
Jim Bradley circuit - 2x
3x60 strides - (pretty slow but it’s good to be running)

Notes: Short on time this week, and very tired doing that damn JB circuit! Still very out of shape, I need to budget my time better next week and get some more training in. I’m also going to get a knee injection late next week, nothing crazy, just traumeel. My prolotherapy doctor has left town, the nerve! Off to make more money in a more lucrative city no doubt! Lol. There is one other guy in town who does it but he’s kind of expensive so I will have to save a bit for that.

[b]Sun, Oct 11 - Off

Mon, Oct 12[/b]
Bike 10min WU

Incline Bench - 6x135lbs, 6x155, 5x165, 3x185
Dumbell Bench - 12x35lbs, 10x45, 8x60, 8x65
One-arm dumbell rows - 10x40lbs, 10x45, 10x50, 10x55, 10x60
Pull-ups x 8, 6, 6
Sit-ups x 25, 25, 20


Tues, Oct 13

Pool workout in the a.m.:

Front crawl/breastroke for about 15min


Then 3x10 squat jumps out of the water

Swimming is tough, great workout though.

Wed, Oct 14

Bike 10min WU

Squats - 6x135lbs, 6x185, 5x225, 3x245
Leg curls - 10x7 plates, 3x6x9 plates
Step-ups - 15x45lbs, 15x65, 15x75
Chin-ups - 5x5 in 5 min


[b]Thurs. Oct 15, Off

Fri. Oct 16[/b]

Bike 10min WU

Bench - 145lbs x 15, 15, 10
Pull-ups - 6x4 in 6 min
Lateral dumbell raises - 15x10lbs, 12x15lbs, 10x20lbs
Barbell curls - 12x40lbs, 10x50, 8x60, 6x70
Skullcrushers - Ez-bar + 30lbs x 10, 40lbs x 8, 50lbs x 8
Petersen stepups - 2x20 each leg