earle's training journal

Sunday, Sept 13 - OFF

Mon, Sept 14:

Warm-up- bike 5 min

Squats - 15x95lbs, 12x135, 10x155, 8x185, 6x205 (last set was tough!)

Seated ham curls - 12, 10, 8, 6, 12

Standing one-leg RDL’s (with a 15lb dumbell) - 1x12 each leg

Petersen step-ups - 3 x 20 each leg

Pull-ups - 3x6
Sit-ups - 2x25


Felt like a pretty good workout, my right knee feels a little better today, maybe my VMO’s are finally coming back.

Bike 15 min

Treadmill: 5 min walking uphill, 5 min backwards uphill

Medball: Six exercises, 2x20 reps each.


Notes: First medball workout in a long time, I’m very rusty, but overall it felt good.

Short workout - I was at a lecture tonight

Bike 5 min


Bench - 10x135lbs, 6x185
T-bar rows - 10x45lbs, 6x90
Tricep pushdowns - 12x50, 10x60, 6x80
Seated alt dumbell curls - 12x25lb, 10x30, 6x35, 12x20

Pull-ups - 2x6
Sit-ups - 1x40, 1x15 (wtf?)

Short quick, but better than nothing.

Thurs - Sept. 17
Bike 25 min in the a.m.

Fri - Sept. 18

Bike 5 min for WU

Terminal knee extensions (TKE’s for short) with grey band - 2x20 per leg (Joe Defranco recommends doing TKE’s before squatting, and I must admit they do warm up the knees very well, especially for guys with past knee problems like me).

Front squats - 12x95lbs, 10x105, 8x115, 6x135
Ham curls - 12x70, 8x100, 6x130
Stiff-legged deadlifts - 2x15x95lbs
Standing calf raises - 12x75, 10x87, 8x100, 6x112, then 12x87
Petersen step-ups x 2x20 per leg

Pull-ups x 3x6
Sit-ups x 25, 20, 20
Push-ups x 25, 20, 20

relaxed stretching

Sat. Sept 19

Bike 25 min

Wall sit x 2:00

Various abs 30 sec on/off ~ 200 reps
Med ball - 7 exercises 2x20 each


Sun. OFF

Mon, tues, wed - off.

Thurs, Sept. 24 - a.m.

Bike 20min

Wall sit x 1:30

Medball - 8 exercises, 2x20 each

Sat. Sept 26

Bike 25 min

Wall sit - 1:55

Single-leg partial squats - 2x12 each leg

Lying glute-med lifts - 2x25 each leg

Med-ball - 10 exercises 2x25 each (though I still haven’t mastered the supermans yet, could only do 2x12 on these)


[b]Sun, Sept 27 - OFF

Mon, Sept 28[/b]

Bike 10min

Bench - Worked up to 5x185lbs, 3x205
Incline dumbell press - 10x35lbs, 10x45, 8x55
Seated row machine x 12, 10, 8, 6, 12
Pull-ups x 7, 6, 7
Hindu pushups x 18
Sit-ups x 30, 30, 20

Petersen step-ups - 2x20 each leg

Long stretch

Tues, Sept 29

A.M - bike 20min
wall sit x 2:00

P.M. - Power Yoga 10min for warm-up

Med-ball: 10 exercises, 2x25 each
glute-med raises - 2x25 each leg

Wed, Sept 30

Bike 5 min for WU

TKE’s - 2x20 each leg

Squats - Worked up to 3x195lbs

Ham Curls - 10, 8, 6

Step-ups - 15x45lbs, 8x95, 8x115

Wrist Roller x 25lbs, 30, 35

[b]Thurs, Oct 1, OFF

Fri, Oct 2[/b]
Bike 10min WU

Dumbell bench - 14, 12, 9 x 55lbs
Pull-ups - 8x3 in 8 minutes
Seated shoulder press (machine) - 15x3plates, 12x4, 12x5
Seated alt. dumbell curls - 12x20, 10x25, 8x30, 6x35
Petersen step-ups - 3x20 each leg


Sat, Oct 3

Bike 20min
Wall sit x 2:00
Single leg squats - 1x12/leg
Single leg squats with 5lb dumbells - 1x12/leg
Glute-med raises (lying) - 2x25/leg


Jog15min - First jog in a long time, felt okay though my left knee was sore near the end. I’m not in good shape either, even by a sprinter’s standards.

Jim Bradley circuit (short) 3x:

Chin-ups - 8, 6, 6
Chinnies - 3x15
Dips - 3x10
squats - 3x20
push-ups - 3x20

Med-ball - 8 exercises 2x25 each

long stretch

Sun, Oct 4

a.m. - Yoga 15min

Mon, Oct. 5

Bike 10min WU

Bench - 5x185lbs, 3x205, 3x225
Seated Row machine - 12x50lbs, 10x62.5, 8x75, 6x87.5, 12x62.5
Front plate raises - 3x15x25lbs
Tricep extensions (single-arm) - 1x12, 2x10
Pull-ups - 6x4 in 6 min
Petersen step-ups - 3x20 each leg
Sit-ups - 2x25


[b]Tues, Oct 6 - OFF

Wed, Oct 7[/b]

Bike 5min WU

TKE’s - 1x20 each leg

Squats - 5x185lbs, 5x205, 3x225 (I bench as much as I squat, pathetic! It is coming along though).

Ham curls - 10x 7 plates, 2x8x 9 plates
Step-ups - 15 each leg x bodyweight, 15x45lbs, 10x65lbs

Sit-ups - 25, 15
Push-ups - 30, 20


do you have lower back issues ?

My back does get a little tight, though I always assumed that was because of the knee injuries. My knees issues have changed the way I walk. I was never extremely flexible in general either, but I’m working on that too. Since my last knee surgery, I have been slow to get back into squats.

You may need to strengthen your abs, which will take the load off your lower back and in turn your knees. Most of the research that I have reviewed shows over active extensors in the lumbar region and minimal activation of abdominal group with symptoms of lower back pain.

Well, I’ve certainly got nothing to lose, and my abs could always use some more work. Thanks for the advice Sharmer. I would rep you but I must spread the rep around.

Try isometric contractions during compound lifts. e.g maintain tension in abs during squats, bench etc

I will give it a try on my next heavy bench and squat days, which should be Mon and Wed.

Thanks again