Dwayne Chambers training

Any info on how he used to train?

Dwain trained at New River sports centre in North London, United Kingdom. with Mike Mcfarlane and prior to that with a coach by the name of Selwyn Filbert. During his years with McFarlane they trained very much like John Smith in fact they communicated by e-mail.

An aside, Dwains hamstring development was truelly amazing. They had to be seen to be believed.

Hmmm good stuff, but I was hoping for some general outlines as in the Jason Gardener thread

what do u mean his hamstring development is truely amazing?

more infos…also…what is he doing now???

I think he means that Dwain had huge muscular hamstrings.

There was an article in the SF chronicle a while back in that Dwain Chambers was playing football (WR) for Chabot College in the Bay Area. Not sure how it worked out though…

Where can one find info on how John smith trains his athletes?
Ive seen the vids of ato jumping and Jon Drummond calling his traps his deltoids or something :slight_smile: Anything more specific?

And Korchenny?

They were HUGE!!! I don’t think it was from weights necessarily probably from his running technique. This would have stressed them optimally.

Of course, but it was a short relationship… Korchemny’s training methods are readily available. Of course some of it is old but as we know with CF they never make massive changes over the years, just tweaking.

Just thought I’d tell u all that Dwain is well…He came to out track session last night to see a couple of his boys who are in my training group. He was clothed so i never saw the hammies. lol

I nearly fell on the floor laughing when I saw that vid!!! I still have it on my computer LOL! :smiley:

I have only been able to find 1 article on speed development. It was all about stick drills. Would you happen to know where I could find some of his training theories?



Give me a call?

Check out M Yessis’ publications on Russian sports training. Korchemny’s other publications are available. Do a search on sports discus.

hmm seems to me Dwain was into bodybuilding a little bit, as it appeared he was much much larger than the other sprinters(even the ones weighing in at around 175). So could this be an example of building a lot of muscle, then with strength and speed exercises make it functionally applicable towards athletics with weightroom and track work. Now I am not suggesting going crazy like a bodybuilder or powerlifter, but I mean I read that a the higher the weight portion in an equal strength to weight ratio the better it is by sum scale(for instance a 3xBW deadlift is much more meaningful at 200 then at 150, so it translates to more speed?). I am not sure though…

look at him guys :smiley: