Drummond photo secquence

heres the link guys


I’ve always been a massive fan of JD. His start is phenominal. He has amazing range and speed out of the blocks. I would love to sit down with him and discuss exiting,technique and relaxation from the blocks.

Interesting that he does not appear to get much push and little extension from his rear leg. It almost looks like he simply brings it forward without extending it at all.

you serious! look at photos 12,13 and 19 full extension

are u referring to the rear leg in the blocks?
i dont think u should be extending that leg fully anyways…

Rear leg X, you can see he just plucks it off in photos 5 and 6.

Yup, REAR leg.

TJ2k, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to get full extension (or at least near-full extension) from the rear leg? Seems to me that they extra push would help get your COM moving forward quicker.

nice shots man!!! :slight_smile:

we cant be ben johnson ie pushing out with both
at the standard setting im sure that it will slow u down
i dont push off with rear leg either and my starts are good
i just focus on that knee drive with that rear leg instead because when ur taking the time to push with the rear leg u end up being slower out of the blocks
drummond is a dang good starter too…

He was super ripped too. I’d kill to be this fit…


ah dazed i see but i think the camera wasn’t fast enough to pick it up.i know for a fact that he would be pushing off both blocks but in the photos it appears that hes just using the front.the rear leg will push along with the front but only briefly!!!

Good point It would be interesting to do a survey to see what most people do, or teach.

whats the spacing like when you set up?

i use feet
front: 1.5 steps(feet) form the line
back: 2.5 steps(feet) from the line

I´ve just started at the speed work for a few months,in actual I´m trying to learn the correct form to perfome the start.

I´m looking at tons of videos from the best sprinters,by the way I´m recording my own starts and comparing to see what´s wrong with me.Well the fact is that there´s a lot of wrong in me LOL :smiley:

Looking at the great sprinters I´ve discovered the absolute difference between Ben and the rest,so I think it could be interesting to talk a little on the Ben´s start technique.

He didn´t get down his head during acceleration phase and his angles in the set position seems too different from the angles of John Drumond at the photosequence.
It seems to me like Ben gets into verticallity soon in his acceleration phase.I have to conclude saying that He is the more fast sprinter that I´ve ever seen,he gives a sensation of absolute quickness,having and amazing cadence of his strides,simply AMAZING :eek:

Well,however that´s the opinion from an absolute beginner. :o

In actual I practice my starts with 2 feets from the line at the front leg and 3 feets at the rear leg.In the last session of training I´ve got the feeling that if I set my hips higher enough at the set position I get a better “falling” sensation when I push the blocks.

By other way I would like to know your opinion on the importance that foot length (mine is 12) and height (I´m 6.06 tall) have over the set position.(in my own videos I´ve seen how near of half of my feet are out of the blocks)

Well hope you could help me :o Thanks in advance

Any pre-exercises for block work? Important…

You are right on raising your hips high(er) as a beginner.
Your measurements seem fine to start with -provided they are with the spikes you are racing.
As you are tall, however and different to everyone else, the possibility for (re-)adjustments is there.

As always a very good source of reference is Charlie’s DVD, the Fundamentals for Power/Speed.

caballo.the basics for the start are-

when in set position the angle of the front leg approx 90* and angle of the rear 135* approx.arm shoulder in straight line/no leaning onto the fingers.

post photos of your current set-up and well solve it straight away!

I know I have to order some DVDs from the web,however I think I´m gonna need more than only one LOL :smiley: what supposes a great investment to me (I´m thinking in make a big order with 3 to 4 units,but the fact of the language…) :o See you Nik!!!

Lot of thanks X-Man :slight_smile: I´m gonna try it this afternoon but the fact is tomorrow it´s probably that I have a meet (60 mt.) so I don´t know if I´m gonna be able to get the photos today,anyway I will post the photos as soon as I can :slight_smile: See you !!!

I know that due to Ben’s strength he was able to have his hands wider thus creating some different angles. And as you said he doesn’t keep his head down at all. Seems he pops up much sooner which everyone says is suppose to be a bad thing!
I’d love to hear Charlie comment on this.

Well finally I´ve got a pack of shots this afternoon :slight_smile:

Please critique all you want (well but have you a little piece of heart,I´m a sensible boy :smiley: )