A SKIPSSSSS :slight_smile:

B SKIPSSSSS :eek: I already have one comment: "its just a throw out, you need to start with a full A skip under the ass and then go to B and extend
" Thank you Silencer. :cool:

I like your A…B…have to wait, then flip it back to the gorund…are you in Milano?

Thank you. I’ll post again the B’s next week, I realized my mistake once I taped me.

Yes, Milano for now.

I think the A’s would be better if the foot stayed under the knee. As it is, the foot appears to be getting out in front of your knee a tad bit on a few of the reps though some of them look fine.

I agree on the earlier comments regarding the B’s.

I do like the slow forward movement you show on the A’s as so many try to cover ground too quickly.

Have a look at Usain Bolt, Marion Jones or Flo Joe and although I have never seen slides I will suggest Ben Johnson.

Toe in front of knee, when it drops behind the pace does as well.

First thing - your arms doing a minimal (if non-existent) amount of work in the drill. A good, full-range arm swing will improve not only lower body power, but also improve overall posture. Hands must rise up in front of your face and pull downwards to counter balance lower body power.

Your A-skip has the knee coming up a little higher than I would like, leading to your extension leg buckling at the knee slightly (leading to your hips dropping slightly). You can also see the foot creep out in front, as mentioned by others in this thread. Pause the video at the point of highest knee lift and you will see the postural issues.

I always emphasize vertical action of legs and arms (up and down, not forward and back) in these drills to keep delivery of power efficient.

As N2 said, if knee passes the point of maximum distance from the body, the hips drop. In your As there is too much oscillation, focus on the up and down. As for your Bs, in general it is a drill I find pretty complicated, you start with a A and then you extend the knee in front of you, with leg height determined by your power and flexibility.

I still like the A ankle pop…

All very useful, thanks ! I’ll post a video again next week. Maybe with the other drills too.

I do not understand what you and no2 mean by passing through the point of max distance from body.

Limbs move through an arc. If the hip is the axis of rotation, the knee joint will reach a point furthest from the body roughly at a height slightly below the hip. If you lift the knee too high, it will rotate back into your body (and, consequently, your supporting knee will bend and your hips will drop).

I would like to see higher hips.
Try clapping your hands under the leg (while staying tall).

It would be interesting to see what CF thinks is perfection in these drills. Are they covered in detail in any of the videos?

He discusses them a bit in the Speed Strenght one http://www.charliefrancis.com/store/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=26 and suggests one of the most common errors is trying to have perfect form in them (I took that as replicating perfect running form) and the key focus should be on minimal ground contact time.

So we’re all good? :o

IMHO there are still things that should be improved in them as per No2’s recommendations.

your toe is up and thats good
try not bringing your knee so high ( knee does not pass the height of your hip) and the rest should take care of itself immediately or over time. ( its possible your hip flexors and or your quads are tight ( both?) and or you need treatment/ hot and colds etc)
I would get rid of the B skips entirely. and replace them with a drill you know you are doing well or dont worry about it.
If it helps I can tell you that Charlie thought my b skips often sucked so he was indifferent to having me do them.

I know of some coaches who dropped them for all their athletes as they felt they were too difficult to get right and were ingraining bad habits.

Such as twisting ankles! :slight_smile:

Thank you Angela =)
My quads do feel tight these days, contrast showers… yikes, anyway, what can one do… :o

I’m happy your b skips often sucked :cool:

Who needs them, anyway???

Give a bear-hug to Charlie from me.

looking forward to seeing the next clip
could do epsom salts, massage instead of contrast
I am not sure what or who you have access to get the job done for therapy but the reason I am a big fan of hot and colds is its efficient and extremely effective when done correctly.