analyse this

an interesting set of comparisons of builds between the 100 /200 guys then the 400’s and then Oliver who is a monster.

d. oliver has been tearing it up. Does anyone know how many races he has left this season? Will he race D. Robles?

Due race Robles in London at the Diamond League.

Why was Chambers in Lane 3? He’d won his semi comfortably and should have been awarded a favourable lane next to or closer to his main rival…isnt that usually the case?

I believe IAAF rules stipulate that the top 4 qualifiers are drawn for lanes 3-6.

She’s 50?!


just a pic

Good hip extension. Looks like a good position. No hunching as is often seen in weaker guys. Looks like he has more than adequate muscle on his frame. Your program look sound.