Dan Pfaff General Strength Protocols

Does anyone here know what the actual rep/set/recovery protocols are for a couple of Dan Pfaff’s general strength circuits (Bataan and Waterloo)? These are outlined below:

Single leg squat
toe touchers
back hypers
yogis (glute-ham raise)
lunge good mornings
Rocky’s (push-up with a clap)
push-up toe walk
prone flexed hip extension

prisoner squats
push-up toe walks
back hypers with twist
rocket jumps (jump squats)
leg toss
wrestler’s bridge
cosack extension (glute-ham raise with push back up)
decline push-up (push up with legs elevated)
prone single leg hip extension


Varies. Ex: 1-2 setsx10-20 reps or 30sec on - 30sec off.

Thanks RB34 :cool:

I understand an aspect of these is to identify weaknesses and imbalances that are addressed separately.

Have you tried any of these circuits yet?

Don’t know, but I would imagine those are specific to the fitness level of the athlete, or at least should be.


I have tried some of his core work and as John states it sure does identify and weaknesses and imbalances!

Ive tried these circuits and they are great especially in the early GPP.

What protocol did you use?

Seems to have worked well for Christian Malcolm this past weekend!

What happen???

Anyone know where to find the Pfaff General Strength DVD?

Everywhere I have looked has either been shut down (website) or lists it as unavailable.

MF used to sell it but said last fall they had asked DP to get them more copies but did not think that would happen. I think this limitation of the materials he put out is part of the UK lockdown of their current salaried coaches.

You can always go the Canadian athletics coaching site and view some of his videos there.

I’ll check that out. Thanks.

Random question, but I’ve seen the exercise “hurdle reach” in various other programs. Does anyone know exactly what that is? I’m assuming that it involves some sort of throw or exchange of a shot/med ball given it’s in the multiple throws series, but I’ve yet to figure out exactly what it is.

I have the DVD. It doesn’t involve any exchanging with a MB. From a standing position, hold the MB directly in front of your chest with your arms fully extended. Then simply kick your toes into the MB. Similar to the Frankenstein walk warmup drill. It gives a good stretch to the hamstrings.

I had the priviledge of a month and a half of training under Glenroy Gilbert back in 2005 and we used both of those circuits quite often. If I remember correctly, we’d do them more often then not on tempo days or at the end of easy speed days.

Started with 10x each exercise going from 1 exercise to the next with hardly a pause and we would generally go through twice per circuit so 2x Bataan 2x Waterloo etc. As we became more adept/strong/comfortable we would add more reps per set then up the sets but while I was there, it never went beyond 2 sets of 15 reps per exercise.

Did you feel these circuits were equal to tempo for developing gen fitness?

Why do one or the other? Why not use them in conjunction?

And for anyone who wants the old DVD, doesn’t look like it’s available. But he did re-do all the practical sessions for a 16.99 video over at athleticscoaching.ca if you really want to watch his stuff.

Maybe but that’s not what I’m doing in gpp… See below:

Mon/Thur: Hills/LB
Tue/Fri: Tempo/UB
Wed: GS circuit - low impact general fitness work