ok, if you would be kind enough to give me some pictures or videos of drills (A’s and B’s and whatevers) being performed?

im training on my own and verbal descriptions can go only so far, so im afraid of doing drill because i dont want to learn them wrong

thanx a bunch:)

please put me out of my misery, there has GOT to be SOMEPLACE online or a book or anything that shows how to do drills, isnt there?

I think advantageathletics.com has them or some site name something like that


Oh by the way… you’re welcome! (In best Nick Burns your company’s computer guy’s voice)

thanx ALOT!


I think I have run at that track in the videos! Looks like VMI down in Lexington VA.

I think you’re right about the VMI fieldhouse. I used to run there from time to time when I was at W&L.

Giving this link is like getting a person on a First-Class to go fly in the Cargo-Hold. They must have the the “Speed Dynamics” videos! All I saw there was the sort of programs I made for myself when I was 16. The High school sprint training model will get an athlete injured if they have any sort of potential. Lots of “pushing off the ground” and drive “elbows back” sort of info.