DOMS and diet?

Is there anything that can significantly increase the length/intensity of Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness after lifting?

I ask because a year ago when I payed no attention to what I was eating, and was lifting regularly, I would feel sore maybe for the day afterwards, but nothing too much more after.

These days, while trying to strictly control my diet, I’ve noticed much longer periods of soreness (2-4 days), especially in my legs.

Is it possible that a certain deficiency (be it macronutrient, simple caloric deficiency, vitaimin/mineral, etc) could be the culprit?

Certainly a strong link exists between nutrition and muscle recovery, this subject has been beaten into the ground by almost every online bodybuilding website.

Two things immediately come to mind that may be contributing to greater DOMS that you feel.

  1. Your total calorie intake is lower since you started watching what you are eating. Even though you are eating “cleaner”, you are not getting the total Kcals you need for recovery.

  2. It could stem from something else besides nutrition. For example, is your training harder now? Are outside stresses greater (money problems, dumped by your girlfriend, exams)? I know that when I start getting busy with work (performing more ART and training sessions), my recovery immediately suffers. However, since I have a wife and a mortgage to pay, my own training takes a backseat!

I can say without a doubt the one product I feel has stood the test of time and works is BCAA’s during and after training. I can only say that in my experiences it works. Another supplement that I like is digestive enzymes with the first post-workout shake after training.

I’ve experienced the same thing when eating clean w/less carbs. BCAA’s help. I noticed a decrease in soreness when I ate fatty meats and more carbs and drank more water.