Does walking affect sprinting?

Does walking affect sprinting?
Because i dont have a car and i like walking,to the university,to the gym…
so i wanna know :smiley:

My gosh, yes! Sit on a throne and have eunuchs carry you from place to place! Otherwise you will never be an elite sprinter! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding. I suspect that your walking is pretty low intensity, so it probably won’t convert too many muscle fibers. Just go slow. Other than that I wouldn’t worry about it, unless you are walking several miles per day.

Your body will tell you what is good or bad.

man u really scared me :slight_smile:
i think i walk like around 5 km a day…

Krayzie, to be an elite sprinter you must never walk anywhere or do anything besides train and may not have sex or masturbate, LOL. You must simply train, eat a postworkout meal (consisting of the pefect carb to protein ratio), and fall into a coma until it is time to train again. All the while being fed amino acids, low GI carbs, and vitamins intravenously. Then you will truly become great.

You forgot about the ultra awesome EMS unit which builds muscle for you while you wait for your next workout :rolleyes:

LOL :smiley:

I dont have to walk?is that some thing to do with the convert of mucsles?
I want to know more about that,any one have any ideas?

Thank you very much

Dude, don’t stress about little things like walking. Walking will almost certainly not convert muscle fibres, as long as you aren’t powerwalking 10+ km per day.

Oh…thank god…
thank you alex…now i can really relax… :slight_smile:

For your body to make adapatations a “training stimulus” has to be there. Walking is so easy that no adaptation is necessary. I just had a job where I would walk for 8 hours, pretty much non-stop, it didn’t affect my training.

I have heard stories about the olympic lifters at the national training center who will leave the training center, hop in their cars, and drive the 100 meters to the cafeteria to avoid doing anything slow. Truth or fiction?..

I can definitely see that, but for me a young developing athlete I think the huge gain in work capacity outweighs the negatives.

Walking is fine, I would “maybe” avoid lengthy walks day of competition though. thoughts?

LOL!! :smiley: :smiley:

Im not sure if anybody else does this, but I seem to walk on my balls of my feet alot of the time, sometimes my heels never touch the ground. I dont mean to do this, Would you say this has any effect on me?

My daughter does the same thing and has VERY tight hamstrings because of it. She also has an extreme lack of dorsi-flexability in both feet/ankles. I’d be careful and make sure you work on walking more heel-toe.