does this sound safe(weight vest program)

i was wondering if this is safe since there is no sprinting with the weight vest

could cf give me some help

I recommand I brought a vest from them 4 years ago and its still good as new :eek:

What will you be doing with it?

ya, i bought one from that place. but can some one answer my question

Is it safe to what? You have to clarify what exactly you want to do with it.


Is it safe to sprint in?
Do agility work in?
Do plyometrics with?
Walk around all day with?

Please specify and I’m sure someone will help you. But you already know the consensus answer around here is no sprinting with it.


ya, is it safe to do plyos with. and agility work. and starts. like what it says in the article

looks like a good article

Why post this again and again? It is safe to do some sprints and plyos and drills in them (depending on the intensity, drop height of plyos, and such). You are going to do them anyway, so why ask?

well the people at the forum website totally dis agree with me. so now that i have the research i dont have to listen to them say how stupid the weight vest is.

im sorry i keep on asking this question, but im just trying to be 100% sure about this.

and a lot of experts like coach john davies consider the weight vest. and i would much rather go with the experts say then the people on the other forum site

im going to begin my training with 8lbs which is 6%

John Davies is not an expert coach in many opinions here and from what I’ve read, you received the exact same response here as you have elsewhere.

it was either him or charles staley

im only used my weightvest for push-ups - (light to heavy) , and sit-ups(light to heavy) and box jumps (only 10% of my body weight which isn’t much)

ya, it makes it a whole lot harder to do pushups and situps. its really hard to do dips(challenging)

perhaps you have no axcess to hills, so use the vest. Work into it. Is it safe to run at 40klm per hr?? only unless you are conditioned for it… if you be sensibale, (spelling, late at night, sorry) anything can be safe.