Does Sex Affect CNS?

I was Thinking about that after i had a marothon the nite before practice. At Practice i felt like i had no turnover.

“I think what’s tired you out in the past was the chase rather than the act”

[Dcw, 2003]

:slight_smile: ha ha




Why did you run a marathon the night before practice…?

No A marathon in the bed.

Just joking.
Better resort to light tempo in the future…

Yeh thats enough boasting now Chris …

I think i will do the tempo from now on.
I will save the long nites of passion for the weekend :smiley:

let the girl do the hard work… and dont get tired of such crap… get tired on the track. like me.

btw. having sex gives you lower testo level(?) Well I get tired… I cant have sex before a training and I train 5 days a week, thats maybe why I cant keep a girl for more then a week…