Documentation needed for Off-Season training

Hi guys. I need some documentation for a discussion I’m going to have with one of my clients’ Basketball coach.

She’s 15 and just finished her season and her coach is wanting them to start their off season with 5 days of basketball per week with 3 days of weights.

Now we all know that starting your off season with sport specific work is the best method (sarcasm) so I need something to show this guy rather than debate him. He’s a high school basketball coach, he’ll have tons of knowledge. Lol. I have my supertraining book but nothing really “specific” to the importance of not overtraining or something to the effects of training your same sport all year round is not good etc… It’s the first or second edition as well.

So your help would be appreciated.

I just got this program today. I haven’t looked over it yet, so I am not endorsing it. But…it is on paper and it looks sort of pretty, so here you go:

Athletes are built in the off-season. Teams are built during the season.


Hi plook,

I belive I am going to have the same problem this summer with head-coach, because I have to “prepare” 14yo ba athletes, and they said to me that the last summer was actually “hell”… basketbal, basketbal, basketball, sorry I forgot to include basketball. BTW, did I mentioned basketball? :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I saw some coaches avoid team practice during the off-season and in-season… That is detrimental, because you aing going to create nor players nor sprinters nor weightlifter…
Team practice should be always done but with smaller volume in the off-season and GPP (actually you could give them a couple of weeks rest from ba practice in off season). Even if you avoid doing game practice, those players will play basketball on the street with their pals
On the other hand, there is no just one type of basketball practice… during early GPP, the individual technique could be worked, also the coordination with the ball (two balls, wall, dribling, passing, various games etc)…
On the other hand, if you introduce too much of a volume of specific exercises (tactics & game practice), the players will come into the state of sport form too fast, and then they will stagnate and show poor results at the comps… This is covered in The Sport Form phenomenon thread, so take a look Plook! I dont know if this phenomenon happens with kids too? I should ask my teacher…
I hope I helped…

Nice one… :cool:

I think it boils down to “coaches only teach what they know.” If all they know is BB, then that’s all they teach. In my case it’s softball. They think the only way to get good at it is by doing MORE of it (throwing, hitting, pitching).

Weigh a BB and ask the coach how many times one would have to lift it to get strong. It’ll never happen. How many times would you have to lift a softball (6.6 oz.) to get strong? I always ask the pitchers if their strategy is to WEAR the other team out or to STRIKE them out. There is only 1 pitcher but there are 9 hitters, so they can outlast the pitcher.

It’s going to be a tough sell with most coaches. I’ve been at it for 6 years and I’m about 75% there. Don’t give up.

Many thanks to all the posters here and for Charlie, for this forum. It’s been a wealth of information for the girl’s training, especially for their home-1st speed. It’s also extremely entertaining at times.


I’m going to start working with a girls Rep hockey team from the ages of 15-18 this summer. Luckily I won’t have anyone question me because the coach is one of my clients’ Dad. She just won the Nationals in the US and was named All-American. Not a big deal if you actually watched the hockey itself but looks great on a resume.

I like the quote Athletes are built in the off-season teams are built during the season.

I just wish there was some literature on the subject. I know we all know it but to see it written in clinical form would surely help sell it.

Also thanks for all the info from everyone here. No other site on the net comes close to the info being posted in these forums.

Why not email some strength coach like Al Vermeil (no I don’t have his address but it must be on the internet somewhere)and ask for a letter? The worst thing they can do is not reply. I actually have a few letters of support saved on my computer so that when the time comes and I need documented proof i just print them off!

You could tell them to go listen to the online interview here:



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