Do you think athletes are born or made?

What i mean is, do you have to be born with abilities to be a great athlete?

i wasn’t quite born on the athletic side but my dad did keep active as a bricklayer, still is one. but i really want to improve and become a really good athlete.

so was everyone here born an athlete, meaning you were made for it. as a kid you spent more time outside running than playing. as a teen you spent alot of time lifting and training instead of drugs, alcohol and computer games.

me, i sadly adopted the computer games during my early teens. this forced me to become lazy. not fat, just lazy. but as i grew up, i learnt that i really wanted to be a athlete.

so can anyone help me? my friends don’t really see me as a good athlete. only a couple do. so how can i get across a image of a athlete?

but most importantly, what kind of training should i start with? Strength? Bulk? Speed? Vertical? if anyone wants me to post stats, i will be more than happy, as well as pics.

the sports/events i want to improve is Australian Rules Football, 100m and Long Jump.

In fact, in October i think, i might start getting coaching in the 100m, but right now i want to try and prepare for it. what should i do?

Sorry there is alot of questions there. But i just want to become better, like everyone else here, and i just want some help from people who have done it

Well if you want to be world class you need to be born with certain physical aspects, body type for the sport you choose. But whatever you’re born with you will need to put in years of hard work training smart to get there.

Get across an image of an athlete? - train like an athlete, put the hours in.

What sort of training to start with? GPP for a while if you havent done much training recently then focus on your weak area(s) out of that list, within a structured balanced training program.

Others will be able to give more specific advice if you give your stats.

ok, thanks for that

some stats

they are pretty low but i’m gunna build them up, so plz don’t flame or laugh

(to find out weights in lbs, just multiply kg by 2.2)
Height - 167cm (approx)
Weight - 50kg

1RM Benchpress - 42.25kg
1RM Barbell Row - 45kg

Push-up Max - 30 reps
Crunches in 1min - 53 reps

50m Sprint - 8.00secs

Vertical - 55cm
Standing Long Jump - 2.20m

Body-part Measurements
Chest - 31"
Abdominal - 26.5"
Quadicep - 14.5"
Calf - 11"
Arm Flexed - 10.5"

I will be starting a serious bulk after football season

any athlete that thinks athletes are born, and that they arent one of them, will probably not spend the time to try to “make” themselves into one. my point, do everything in your power, eat right, research workouts, train hard and smart, and of course rest and see where you are. if you arent a great athlete after all that, maybe you will be a good one and you will probably feel a whole lot better for trying.