Do I use it to build muscle or relax EMS example type workouts as in CFTS please

I just bought an EMS machine and I want to be sure that I am using it right. Could Charlie or someone that knows the CTFS really me when I can use it to build fast twich or muscle, or when to use it to relax. For instance what days or how many times do you use it. My EMS machine has these features.

highlight and go to.

Thank you.

Workouts with EMS in-season ver. off-season

Sis for recuperation i used it after the workout.normally i would have a cold bath,elevate legs and to clear them even more i’d use ems on a pulsing mode-1sec on 1sec off.

for strenghtening use 10seconds on 50secs off x10reps on whatever group you want

But what workouts can you do to build strenght in the off-season vs. in-season. Like should I use it alot during off-season or can I keep it the same off and in.