DLine Training

The AM/PM setup is great for this guy because it will allow for high quality work to be done instead of trying to run 60mins follow by 60mins of shitty strength training. Split the training sessions up and have two high quality sessions this will allow him to develop more work capacity without additional work.

actually, after one or two days of this, he’ll probably quit and revert back to his Popeyes chicken routine

so be careful not to over work him

If he does oh well, I always try and make my clients quit the first 7 days. My job is a glorified “prison guard”. :slight_smile:

You could work extremely low volume with somebody that hasn’t trained in 2 years and get good results. Plus, who knows what sort of training he did prior to that (as I assume this guy is around 20-21) so he could very well be a novice who would benefit from any type of structured training.

Just because he only has 3 weeks doesn’t mean you should try and start him way to high in hopes he will better adapt and be able to perform better.

I’d set up the plan so that after his try-out and prior to the season starting you could continue to gradually progress to more volume, intensity, frequency, etc.

You can achieve the same results (in my opinion) with one workout in a day as opposed to splitting up workouts (at least with somebody with a low level of preparedness).

Look at the results James (and I’m sure many other trainers on this site) gets at the University with only training his guys 8 hours a week (I believe this is the NCAA rule) and in a format similar to what I proposed.

There could also be logistical issues (work, commute, facilities) along with motivation and temperament of this individual that would also prove to be debilitating of the use of a AM/PM split.

Regardless, we can argue semantics of a training day until we’re both blue in the face but lr1400 will have to make holistic considerations (hopefully) before he constructs his plans for this individual.

Fuc* after the tryout, it’s “now” he may not have a opportunity to even make the team if his baseline fitness isn’t in place by the tryout. Low volume of “What”, sorry to bust your bubbles but this athlete will get more bang for his buck by focusing on general fitness development.

BTW, the plan I listed above was “Example” not gospel.

I’m starting him low for rest of this week. 150yds speed, 500 tempo but next week we’ll ramp up. I honestly don’t expect him to have the work ethic. If he can’t make it through this he’ll never make it through training camp. He’s already had tryouts with NFL teams a few years ago and didn’t have the “desire”.

I hope he does half of what I give him. I fully expect him to skip as much tempo training as possible. I had another guy that wanted to train with me, a qb, but he resorted to p90x and running with a parachute. Oh well he’s still got man tits and is buried on the depth chart because he doesn’t want to work.

Low volume of Jumps, Weights, Calisthenics Sprints, Tempo, Abdominals, etc.

That can be done by reducing frequency, sets, reps, etc.

While if he doesn’t perform well at the try-out there will be no ‘after’, there will also be no ‘after’ if he gets hurt by placing to much demand on him right away.

I have no idea why you are getting so worked up over me expressing my views, I said in a previous post that I liked your split but the only change is that I would consolidate into one seance on 4 days.

I think that is the right decision in regards to the volume.

How old is he?

No problem… Lrl400 you got my thoughts, I’m done with this thread.

General fitness i am banking on won’t mess him up. It’s a shame he definitely has some talent. He’s not Sergio kindle but he played one year of high school and received conf USA offers then transferred to SEC.

I’m sorry but what bloody good will 500m of ext tempo do unless you are doing tons of mb throws etc etc. Are you a coach??

I got ya RB34. Ima bust that ass starting Monday! I agree gotta get the fitness up and the volume shouldn’t hurt him past week one.

It’s not about busting his ass, there’s not enough time for that. Even if you did 2x5x100 in 20sec that’s your typical NCAA conditioning type workout and would be tough for him but easy on his CNS - add in 600reps of abs, hurdle drills and 600reps of MB throws.

Like I mention earlier this year, I had the chance to train a NFL defensive end last offseason and he had his best year as a pro. The stuff I mention earlier worked well with him and it transformed his body big time.

Like I said he has run all of ZERO yards in two years and he weighs well over 300 lbs. He hasn’t lifted weights at all. He’s not rb or wr. This is day one from sedentary borderline obese. His ass could barely do 5x50 today. R u a coach?

So are you a coach?

Guess you not going to answer me. If you are a full time coach, I’m curious why would you take on such a task because you have nothing to gain from it.

My iPhone had no signal. Simple question, simple answer - no.

Never have and never would act like I am. He has no other option even though I told him to talk to his uni track coach and sc coach. I wouldn’t have asked your and everyone elses opinion if I felt I was all knowing. Being blessed with common sense, I reason that a 300 lbs man with no physical background at all in two years who is having some difficulty completing 50 yard runs needs to be evaluated before he attempts a substantial amount of volume. Your thoughts on what you would do in that situation would be welcome.

I’m sure you will do a great job with all the experience you have gotten from Mike training. I just don’t see anyone making much progress in speed and power in two weeks (2 wk load/1 wk unload) and with all big men general fitness is always a area of weakness. Keep us updated on his progress. I often have potential clients like your guy and I normally turn them away after all - my clients are my walking billboard.

He’d have to get lucky to get speed and power increases.

I just hope he sticks with the tempo running at a minimum so he at least gets some kind of fitness.

If I made a living training people I probably would not help him either, at least not formally where someone would know.

Trick him into doing tempo, that’s why I like the idea of bike tempo, mb, hurdles, core work, and other various drills with big men (ol/dl/4 an 5 men)…