Distances for tempos

I understand that distances for tempos for 100m runners range from 100-300m. What are the tempo distances for 400m runners? And does the intensity also stay 65-75%?

Read through Lactate threshold training thread!!!

i would think tempo for 400m runners would differ to 100m runners by the volume set, so if a 100m runner does 6000m a week a 400m runner should do around 11000m a week.

11000m per week of tempo for a 400m runner? I was under the impression that it was around 4000m/week for short sprinters, and 6000m/week for long sprinters… Correct me if I’m wrong.

sorry, i misread the forum review, it says "a typical 400m program has a total volume 11000m of work per week “(2000m speed and 9000m tempo)”

It doesn’t actually include much in the way of tempo.

CF has said in the past that tempo volume is roughly 2K/session for 100/200 sprinters, 3K/session for 400, and 4K/session for 800. This is in CFTS and elsewhere on this forum. It comes to anywhere from 4K/week for 100/200 up to 9K/week for 400. For me doing 100/200 following David W’s schedule, it’s about 6K/wk.

That’s what I thought; I had seen that here and in CFTS. Just confirming. Thanks!

While I’m looking this over, does the interval length matter? I was thinking as long as it reaches the desired total volume after the session, would that still bring about the same effect? i.e. if a 400m runner were to perform a session around 3000m, would doing 3x10x100m be the same as 2x7x200? Might be a simple question, but as long as the intensity remains the same throughout the run, would this still be alright? I was thinking about this, since I do know that I need to start building on my tempo more and more to help with my 400m (and 200m).

It’s also possible to alter sprinter type tempo to accomodate the quarter miler. With the big circuit, replace the walk recoveries with jogs for instance. I know of some successful groups that have just taken the basic circuit and doubled the distance of the reps, although with the huge volumes I think they’re only done early in the season.

One workout we do is:


+= 100 jog and a walk 100 between sets.

Would the 9K/week for 400m stay that much in the compitition part of the season?


Could you give an example of a session that you would do on the day following that tempo workout? Thanks.

Depends on the time of year.

3x3x150 - 30s between reps 8-10 between sets.

3-4x350m recovery dependant on effort.

6x200m off diminishing recoveries.

8x200m hills …

For our 400m types we usually went up to big circuit, small circuit. (2200m + 1000m = 3200m)
small circuit as follows: