Discovery Channel Special

did anyone happen to catch that discovery channel special superhuman strength & science? it was more on the scientific side of training, but it had some good stuff on shane hamman and the one US female oly lifter.

missed that one!!
come on espn let us know in advance about stuff like that!!!:shoot::stuck_out_tongue:

i turned it on right in the middle & caught the encore, wasn’t even thinking. here is when it will be on again:

June 21st - 6pm EST
June 29th - 3pm EST

Thanx Mon!

will weigh in after i see it,thanks!

Interesting take on the concept of strength. In addition, I thought the comment on supplementation was a bit one-sided!

yeah that show was cool. i liked the guy who was able to bend steel.

i like the part up till after the olympic training weightlifting science(my personal favorite part of the show). after that they spent half of the program on a soap box against supplements. what’s that about?

good show had to record it