Different Squating?

I know there is…

1/2 Squat
Full Squat
Front Squat
Back Squat

I was just wondering what are the differences, as in what different benefits do they give you.

Over head squat, Zercher Squat, Squats with chains, Squats with bands, Jump squats.

1/2 squat allows for a greater load to be lifted and is more position specific to certain sports in which the athlete never descends past parallel.

Full squat provides for greater muscle activation due to the increase stretch, hence, greater strength is yielded in the bottom position/joint angles

Front squat overloads the quadriceps group to a greater degree

Back squat distributes more load to the posterior chain, when compared to front squat, and because of the greater mechanical advantage allows for greater loads to be lifted.

allright thanks, which type of squat should you perform for the best result in speed training? NNNNNVM im gonna search the forum for it thanks jman

Im new with the sprinting mechanics deal, but I would think most squats will have carry over to leg sprinting strength. Strengthen the leg, and you increase the ammount of force on the ground at impact.

I would mainly do front/back squats. Over Head squats are good, but they do require a good deal of shoulder flexability. I’m more impressed when I see some one Over head squatting a very heavy load, than when I see a 300+ pound person squat 800 raw.