Difference between flying 20's and easy-fast-easy?

Whenever training for MaxV is mentioned, i hear people suggesting flying 20’s and easy-fast-easy sprints. But, i dont really understand the difference between these two types of drills.

With regards to flying 20’s, you are going easy at first for the buildup, then fast for the 20m portion, then easy again. So how does this differ from an “easy-fast-easy” sprint? Is the difference in that you go from a slow jog straight into full speed, then back to a slow jog? If this is the case…wouldn’t “easy-fast-easy” sprints be more effective for acceleration development rather than for MaxV development?

Can someone please explain to me the difference between these two drills? Thanks for any help.

I usually refer to flying 20s as runs of 20m where the veloicty coming into the 20m segment is mearly maximal (e.g. 30-60m run up). Easy Fast Easy drills are quite slow in comparison because you only have 20m to accelerate (probably the speed you have at 15m in a race). What do others think?

That’s right

Im sorry but i still dont quite fully understand how to properly execute an easy-fast-easy run. I definitely understand the flying 20’s and have been doing them for some time now and have seen good results in top-end speed improvement, but i just dont fully understand how to execute an easy-fast-easy drill. How fast do i run the first 20 meters of the easy-fast-easy? Is it a slow or fast buildup? Do you go straight from a 20meter jog into an all out sprint? Any clarification is appreciated. Thanks.

My understanding, and what I’ve used the past few weeks with about 50 sprinter/hurdler/jumpers, is that you accelerate very quickly, but it’s not a max effort acceleration. You save that for Fast-Easy-Fast. The cue we’ve used is “This is not max effort, but make sure each step is faster than the one before”.

I’ve liked these (we’re doing 20/20/20) because the beginners can’t hold it together for longer than 20m segments anyway and it helps the stronger kids not hurt themselves early in the season. Plus I like the way it helps teach relaxed running at high speeds.

There are about 20min of video footage of people doing them on the GPP Download with Charlie talking through every point of it, thats about the best clarification you can get. You use submaximal acceleration into the first cone (hence easy) then pump the arms for 20m (fast) then ease off for 20m (easy).

i got it now,thanks