Difference between Accumulation and GPP Phase

I recently bought the “Structure of Training For Speed” e-book. But I couldn’t really understand if GPP = accumulation phase or if you do GPP first, then enter accumulation phase. So any answers to my question would be really appreciated! thanks guys!:slight_smile:

hmm anybody? BUMP!

gpp then accumulation

Okey, thank you!:cool:

So the accumulation phase is about getting use sprint training, plyos, medicine ball workouts and the lower rep (3-6reps) strenght training? (by incorporating it and using it)

While the GPP is about adding muscle bulk (if necessary), getting the core condition up and getting use to tempo work to be prepared for the actual SPP-work?

Yep. pretty much

Thank you once again! That pretty much clears it up for me.:smiley: