Did my 1st

Speed session on Sunday just gone in 18mnths. I have had 16mnths off from running altogether, just been doing plenty of weights to gain some size and strength. Last 2mnths been doing tempo extensive tempo and some speed endurance and weights. So sunday i was feeling like i am ready to start tackling speed.
After yrs of only axcess to grass tracks, i have moved now to an area where Tartan and Mondo is easily available.
I did, 8x50m efforts with 5-10min recovery between off a standing start.
The crazy thing between grass and Tartan,
i was racking off PB’s in this session. And my slowest were my previous best times!!
Hence, imagine what that was doing to my body? The cns, the muscles ect.
Then, Monday, i could hardly walk. Tue, better, but still, hammies made of bricks, every rib is sore and it realy hurts to sneeze, feet are sore, calfs are sore. Abs have been great, been doing a lot on ab workouts, including for the 1st time, weighted ab work.
The pain, monday i had to use nurofin, painadole, asprin (spelling, sorry)
Hopefully tomorrow, Wednesday, i can actually run and get in a Tempo session? Gee i hope.
Used a Tens machine on my bricks, (Hamstrings) and massaged them, made a big difference. Will have a asprin soon and go to bed. Also massaged with Voltaren too.

How’d you time the runs?

Only hand timed!!! Crap i know, but next time, the digital camera will be out and proper times will be had. Wasnt going to use the camera on my 1st speed session, was expecting much slower times than what i done. All times were within 0.2 of a sec of each other, and i could feel at the time if it was a touch slower, and it was. Still, cant wait to get that camera out and feel good for a new speed session. Perhaps i will be recovered by next wkend??
Am still sore today, I feel tempo could be acheived tonight?? Still mighty sore.

Had my 1st hammie massage in ages today. Seems i am still recovering from last sundays speed workout. My hammie was still a touch tight and still partly knotted in the upper regein right down deep in the belly. Few more days of tempo and perhaps some speed endurance or intensive tempo if not fully ready for speed endurance. Hoping for the wkend i will be fully ready for another speed session and the digital camera will be out for some accurate time keeping. Only if the legs are right and ready. Cant wait.