Diagram of reverse leg press in CFTS

I don’t understand the diagram of the reverse leg press in CFTS - only the hip flexors can be activated here. I stand facing the weights, extending the hip to work the hams and glutes.

I don’t think you should stand facing the weight. I could be wrong but in the book it looks like the person is facing away from the weight stack and pushing back on the foot pad.

pushing back on a foot pad WOULD recruit the hams and other hip extensors, but in the book it looks like the guy’s ankle is attached to a cable, and hence pulling, involving the hip flexors.

I have wondered about this exercise too… I can’t figure out how it’s done by looking on the picture in the book.
Can someone that know it explain it?

Just bringing back up. I know plenty of people have read CFTS. Can anyone please comment, Charlie or anyone?

My understanding is that you brace yourself against something and push back using the hip extensors (glutes and hamstrings.) I don’t have a very good machine for doing these, so I use SLDLs and good mornings to work on my hip extensor chain. I think that a reverse hyper or glute-hamstring raise would be even better. Remember, weights are general, not specific.

xlr8, the diagram looks like a cable machine and hence you would pull, not push.

that it actually is a reverse leg press. If you were trying to fire hip flexor, I could see the pull. You can do the same on a glute blaster or multi hip. It is all hip extension, I hought Charlie made mention of it before as being done backwards on leg press.

You’re pushing back, using the gluts and hams.

When I have done Reverse Leg Press it flogs the whole leg. Posterier when pushing (concentric movement) and anterior when moving back (eccentric).

I really do hate Charlie for showing me the exericise :smiley:

Thanks Charlie